USTA National Level 2- July

Saturday, July 1, 2017 - Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Dayton Center Courts 132 Deeter Dr EnglewoodOH  45315
Saturday, July 1, 2017 - Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Dayton Center Courts 132 Deeter Dr EnglewoodOH  45315

About This Activity

Division: G(16 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,FIC-R16; G(16 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )d,SE

We will start Day 1 with doubles at both sites unless weather becomes an issue.

PLEASE IND-Indianapolis aprox. 120 minutes.

Players accepted into the draw are listed under competitors once the national office has made the selections. We will order the alternates within 48 hours of their selections and will contact them if/when a spot become available for them. Withdrawals must be via email with a reason listed. We may ask for a doctor's note for withdrawals less than 48 hours in advance. Once selections have been made there will be no refunds.

Play will start at 8am and start times will be posted above left under "Future Match Info" once they are available . Doubles will play a round then the singles front draw will play two rounds, the back one on the first day. Day two front plays 1 round and back draw of singles will play two rounds and we will play 1-2 rounds of doubles. Day 3 is 1 round of front draw and 2 in the back. Day 4 the front draw will play the finals and 3/4 play-off while the consolation plays the semis and finals, and the finals of the doubles will play. (The back draw matches are required.) Singles front draw will play the best 2 out of three full sets. Consolation matches will play a 10-Point Match Tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set. Doubles will be an 8 game Pro Set with a 7-Point Tiebreak at 8 games all. U.S. Open/Wilson Tennis Balls will be use with new balls in the front draw in the event of split sets. We will post the start times followed by W:=second match time if they win (or) L:=second match time if they lose. These times are subject to change based on withdrawals/defaults/long matches etc. but we hope this will help you to plan your weekend. Please do not call the club for your start times, our desk staff will not give out times.

Hitting Lessons/Practice Courts

Point Penalty System will be enforced
IF YOU ARE LATE THE POINT PENALTY SYSTEM WILL BE ENFORCED, THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD. All players should check-in 15 minutes early. When you check-in players must have their shoes on and be dressed and ready to play.

Proper Attire is required. The top and bottom of your outfit must meet when your arms are at rest. No bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, tank tops, alcohol or drug words, if it is objectionable you will have to change before going on the court which could incur a point penalty for the time violation.

Ordered alternates and up to date alternate status are listed under alternates by event. If you are one of the top 5 alternates in the last 48 hours please e-mail to either 1. Let me know you are no longer interested in coming or 2. e-mail with a contact number where I can reach you between the hours of 7am and 11pm. On-site alternates get a chance to play if there is a late withdrawal/no show. If you would like to register as an on-site alternate please e-mail 24 hours in advance to let us know you intend to come. An on-site alternate reports to the tournament desk before the first matches, which means before 8am for this event, and registers with us. If there is more then one on-site alternate who registered for the tournament present, you will be placed in order as per Friend at Court.

SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD/Point Penalty System/ Suspension Points We will have 1 Sportsmanship award. Our roving officials will make recommendations, and the winner will be posted to this website. The Point Penalty System will be enforced for lateness, use of a Deity (God, Jesus, Christ, etc.), cussing, as well as abuse of racquet, ball, and/or the facility. Suspension points will be given for unsportsmanlike conduct, which includes misconduct at the hotel, as well as for no shows. No grace period or warnings will be given.

We will start giving out the balls and assigning the courts before 8am. You must have your shoes on and be ready to go on the court when you check-in. When we call you if you are not ready you can be penalized under the USTA point penalty system for the delay. We do our best to keep this event moving and on time. Please remember that per Friend at Court late penalties start at match time for all players scheduled for that time as long as 1 court is available. Draws will be updated on line throughout the day.

Players cannot enter two or more tournaments, matches, or exhibitions scheduled to take place at the same time, in whole or in part, unless each Tournament Committee involved approves the multiple entries in writing. (THE NATIONAL OPENS COUNT AS ONE TOURNAMENT AND YOU DO NOT NEED PERMISSION TO REGISTER FOR MULTIPLE AGE DIVISIONS OR SITES. Entering Two Divisions
) Players who disregard this rule will be assessed 5 suspension points. Players who receive 10 or more suspension points during a 12-month period will be suspended for twelve consecutive weeks from competing in any USTA sanctioned event.
rev 9/18/11 USTA - Girls' 16 Doubles; Girls' 16 Singles

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Dayton Center Courts 132 Deeter Dr EnglewoodOH  45315
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