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McDonald's Junior Open Bayou Bluff-Descher Organization MS L4-STA L5 Or1-Gr1(In 2021 Nat L6)

Friday, July 31, 2020 - Sunday, August 2, 2020
Friday, July 31, 2020 - Sunday, August 2, 2020

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Division: BG(12-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,NEF; B(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) ,12-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )d,NEF; G(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) ,14-18 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )d,NEF; Orange Level 1: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )s,NEF; Green Level 1: BG(10 (78'Court/Green Ball) )s,NEF

Notes:The tournament will be played Saturday-Sunday. Bayou Bluff is located at 11553 WestTaylor Road, Gulfport, Ms 39503. The draw will be posted Thursday at 3. Players must register with partner in doubles. Make sure to check times for singles and doubles. Third set tie break in singles, pro set in doubles. Clay will be used in consolation matches.
All player must bring medical release form to check in. USTA - Boys' 10 Doubles; Boys' 10 Singles; Boys' 10 Singles; Boys' 12 Doubles; Boys' 12 Singles; Boys' 14 Doubles; Boys' 14 Singles; Boys' 16 Doubles; Boys' 16 Singles; Boys' 18 Doubles; Boys' 18 Singles; Girls' 10 Doubles; Girls' 10 Singles; Girls' 10 Singles; Girls' 12 Singles; Girls' 14 Doubles; Girls' 14 Singles; Girls' 16 Doubles; Girls' 16 Singles; Girls' 18 Doubles; Girls' 18 Singles

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