10 & Under (10U)

Friday, December 1, 2017 - Saturday, April 7, 2018
Ages 9-10 · Females Only
PO Box 2709 WoodbridgeVA  22195
Friday, December 1, 2017 - Saturday, April 7, 2018
Ages 9-10 · Females Only
PO Box 2709 WoodbridgeVA  22195

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10 & Under (10U)

Nov 30 - Apr 06

Ages 9-10 · Females Only

Meeting Dates

From Dec 01, 2017 to Apr 07, 2018

About This Activity

PWGFS 10 & Under Learning Guidelines

1) Basic Equipment – Each player should have a general knowledge of the equipment they use and a firm understanding of using it correctly and safely.

2) Understanding of the Playing Field Layout – Players should be able to indentify 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, home plate, batter’s boxes, pitcher’s circle, infield, outfield, fair territory and foul territory.

3) General Understanding of the Defensive Positions – Players should know the general location of each defensive position.

4) General Understanding of the Concept of the Game – Offensive Skills

1) Correct Way of Gripping a Bat

2) Batter’s Stance

3) Correct Swing of the Bat

4) Knowing and Understanding the Strike Zone

5) Bunting

6) Correct Base Running and Utilizing Base Coaches

7) Leading Off

8) Stealing

9) Sliding

10) Concepts of Base Running (Force Situations, Fly Balls and Tagging Up)

Defensive Skills

1) Correct Throwing Skills

2) Correct Catching Skills

3) Proper “Ready” Defensive Positions (Infielders / Outfielders)

4) Fundamentals of Fielding (Grounders and Pop-Ups)

5) Recognizing and Covering a Bunt

6) Properly Covering Bases / Force Plays / Tag Out Plays / Throw Downs

NOTE: Coaches should rotate players to ensure they experience multiple positions throughout the season. This should be done at the coach’s discretion, keeping in mind safety and confidence of the players. EXAMPLES: 1) If a player is struggling with catching skills, obviously continue to work with her to improve them but, avoid putting her behind the plate or at first where she would constantly be on the spot. 2nd base, 3rd base, and the outfield would work well. 2) If a player is catching well but, having a rough time throwing, she could be alternated at first, second and also the outfield. In both examples, the players get to experience both infield and outfield positions without killing their confidence or discouraging the other players on the team. By continuing to work with the players, you will be promoting their improvement while building their confidence. You can always make adjustments to where they play as they improve.  

Organizer Info

  • Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball

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PO Box 2709 WoodbridgeVA  22195
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