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ACTIVEkids App

Parenting has changed since you were a kid. 

With advances in technology and the constant presence of social media, we're looking at one of the most sedentary generations of children in history. More kids spend their free time watching TV and staring at smartphones than going outside and playing with friends.

But your child's regular phone use doesn't have to be all bad. Now there's an app to help parents keep their kids engaged with the world around them: the ACTIVEkids app. 

All the Activities

With thousands of activities available on the ACTIVEkids app, you'll find plenty of ways to get your kids off the couch and keep them active—no matter what they might be interested in. From sports to arts & crafts, from music to engineering--it's all conveniently available in the palm of your hand.

Quick Tip

Create a profile in the ACTIVEkids app for simplified registration and activities tailored to your kids.

Just choose a category from the app's home screen, and you'll see a wide selection of camps, classes and leagues near you, all of which can be filtered by distance, date and relevance.

You can also personalize the activity feed by creating a profile for your child using their age, gender and interests; The app will then mark activities tailored to your children with their initial. 

Easy Registration

Creating a profile in the app also makes the registration process less of a pain. By adding payment information to your profile, you can register your kids for multiple events without having to fill out the same information on multiple forms.

Your account can also sync with your phone's calendar to help keep your family on schedule, and log completed events so you can refer back to your kid's favorites when they're ready to re-enroll. 

Drills, Advice and Recipes

In addition to thousands of kids events and activities, the ACTIVEkids app also serves up helpful articles from, sorted by category for easy reading. Look up drills to help your kids improve at the sports they love, arts and crafts ideas to encourage their creativity and easy recipes to fuel their fun.

You can also favorite articles and events you want to save for later, so you don't have to search for them again. 

Ready to get your kids active? Download the ACTIVEkids app for iOS or Android today.

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Active Kids App
Active Kids App

Active Kids App

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