The Benefits of Family Yoga

No matter how it works into your family's schedule, or how frequently you are able participate in a class together, there is one guarantee: nobody leaves a yoga class saying they wish that had stayed home.

The Benefits of Yoga for Families

Creates Dialogue. Parents that take their kids to yoga class agree that aside from being a family activity that they do together, it creates interesting dialogue after class as well. Maybe someone liked an inspirational story that the teacher shared, or practiced next to someone that had fun energy and was motivating. Or, he or she was challenged by a pose and wanted to get feedback. It's also fun to see where each others strengths and vulnerabilities are.

Develops a Healthy Body Image. Yoga attracts all body types, ages, personalities and backgrounds. It often draws in people hungry for a taste of something different and deeper. Media and society can portray a skewed view of beauty and it's common to fall into the trap of measuring yourself through physical appearance. The pressure of fitting in to a certain image particularly plagues teens; yoga is an opportunity to build confidence on a deeper level and to not judge oneself on appearance.

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Emily Rios, yoga teacher for teens and mom says, "Yoga helps this age group to feel more grounded and more whole by helping them to connect their changing physical bodies to a deeper part of themselves—their sprit." Whether a kid, teen, adult or elder, connecting more closely to a deeper self will bring balance and confidence.

Connects the Mind and Body. Because yoga draws attention to breath it slows everyone down and brings them into the present moment creating more peace, clarity, compassion, love and patience. Any family can use more of those qualities. The aspects cultivated through yoga practice carry off the mat and into the world. Practical applications can be applied, for example, understanding how breath slows you down and makes you more calm can help you to not stress before a work deadline, school test or major sporting competition.

Being more aware of your body makes you choose healthier foods by observing if you feel energized and clear or weighed down and fuzzy after you eat. The refreshed, uplifted feeling you get through yoga carries over into other practices and can improve your performance in sports, your creativity in the arts and your relationships with others. It lays a foundation for a lifelong practice of strength and mindfulness.

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Laura Waite

Laura Waite is a yoga teacher and certified massage therapist in Dana Point, California.
Laura Waite is a yoga teacher and certified massage therapist in Dana Point, California.

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