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Tennis-Bronze 11-14

Saturday, February 29, 2020 @ 10:30 AM (PST) - Saturday, March 21, 2020 @ 12:00 PM (PDT)
Ages 11-15 · Co-Ed
Portland Tennis Center 324 NE 12th Ave PortlandOR  97212
Saturday, February 29, 2020 @ 10:30 AM (PST) - Saturday, March 21, 2020 @ 12:00 PM (PDT)
Ages 11-15 · Co-Ed
Portland Tennis Center 324 NE 12th Ave PortlandOR  97212

Tennis-Bronze 11-14

Feb 29 - Mar 21 (Saturday)

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Ages 11-15 · Co-Ed

Portland Tennis Center


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Tennis-Bronze 11-14
Tennis-Bronze 11-14

Meeting Dates

From Feb 29, 2020 to Mar 21, 2020

Each Saturday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Except the following dates:

Saturday, Mar 14, 2020

About This Activity


Level: Beginner-Advanced Beginner, Ball Type: Foam, Green Dot, High
Compression, Court Size: 78'

Bronze 11-14 is the beginning - advanced beginning level of the Portland Tennis Center's Junior Development Pathway for Middle School athletes ages 11-14. This class is a ton of fun, with a lot of athletic movement, and high energy instruction from our USPTA/USPTR Certified Tennis Professionals. This class runs in monthly sessions and meets once a week on Saturdays and is specifically designed for students to learn the game of tennis through simplified stroke demonstrations, athletic footwork, hand eye coordination drills, fun games and lots of noncompetitive tennis play to develop the entire athlete. Players will learn the fundamentals of tennis such as; Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Volleys, Overhead, Tennis rules and scoring, court lines are areas of the tennis court, and basic rallying skills. As players develop, coaches will separate beginners from advanced beginners to introduce basic singles and doubles positioning, return of serve, more movement and stroke development to prepare each player for Silver 1 that will include recreational match play. Player graduation is approximately 6-12 months and Pro approval is REQUIRED to move to the next level of development.

Player pathway development criteria is posted online at or posted in the PTC lobby. If you have any questions about the junior program, please call PTC @ 503-823-3189 or contact PTC Tennis Coordinator Bret Bowers by email:

Class held at PTC
Please Remember: No Classes on March 14th due to Junior Tournament
Note: If needed, Racquets are available at PTC

We offer a free monthly assessment for first time registrants if you have questions. Please call 503-823-3189 to see when we can schedule a free assessment if you are not sure which class to register for.

Thank You, PTC Management

Age Group

4. Youth (6yrs - 14yrs)


Class held at PTC


Diane Slamp
Iris Powell
Judy Jewell
Michelle Jones
Philippa Kaplan
Jason Luedtke
Cleo White
Brooke Spens
Jacob Jackson
Heather Way
Jeremiah Johnson
Melody Howden
Alex Young
Kierra Ross
Juan Resendiz
Norah Zaharakis
Marianne Bradach
Laura Guerrero Diep
Alberta Hardy
Candace Herrill
Joyce Kilby
Noah Kite
Katherine Tison
Bonnie Lynch
Makeda Perryman
Jane Solomon
Auzurea Stephens
Craig Vaughn
Kristina Verbruggen
Belinda Washington
Krystal Graybiel-Goldstein
Jessica Stradling
Debi Stedron
David Green
Eric Valleau
Blaine Rethmeier
Dawn Grunwald
Joel Hwee
Maggie Jennings
Natalie Lerner
Courtney Olson
Maddie Price
Elfreda Skidmore
Madeline Stapleton
Alex Stendahl
Nate Grumm-Johnson
Martin Hahn
Natalie Lyons
Erik Refsland
Kayla Robinson
Jean Hillary
Catherine Holder
Cathy Hume
Marsha Jordan
Katie Kendoll
Gail Lough
Jan Wirtz
Martha Zanger
Maya Rhinewine
Holly Howard
Bob Shabasson
Michael Klachefsky
Kaoru (Kimo) Metzler
Hilary Miller
Christina Odrlin
Juliet Prosser
Eric Salkeld
Laurie Thorp
Anna Stone
Jason Tumpane
Maria Camacho
Jim Gillen
Alesha Palmer
Jim Hudson
Kaycheri Rappaport
Laura Walsh
John Lee
John Redd
Ashanti Stanfford
Brian Parham
Jameille Parrish
Mary Sutton
James Wade
James Wade SR
Alton Granville
Georgann Pierce
Eden Swartz
John Thompson
Lucia Atkinson
Jon Cheskin
Hong Chou
Anthony Dyer
Luise Grube
Lynda Hess
John Hubbard
Jane Keefer
David Kerr
Kari Kjome
Elizabeth Knopp
Jasmine Law
Connie Pazienza
Elizabeth Peyton
Michelle Rahn
Mary Rowell
Katherine Schultz
Cynthia Scott
Terese Wagner
Mark Woodward
Lisa Zweben
Joshua Kingsley
Karen Hilley
Andre St. James
Lisa Stoica
Mike Stone
Emory Watson
Irena Lukasiewicz
Hannah Meeks
Natalia Petrevics
Dana Orr
Julie Quastler
Jordan Smart
Cheryl Truong
Alejandro Rivera
Joan Schilling
Casey Thoroughman
Mark Vossbrink
Jake Richmond
Jazmin Rodriguez
April Woods
Autumn Huggins
Jenna Roberts
Larry Smith
Don Taylor
Elisha Paterson III
Heidi Timm
Jennifer Weber
K.C. Knight
Michele Stemler
Nathan Seaman
Clarke Rhaine
Angela Horton
Frank Pullen
Marla Roberts
Dave Snyder
Amanda Snyder
Jan Hildebrand
Anne Holm
Nancy Jameson
Lew Jones
Knutson Saidah
Cullen Loeffler
Allison Meyer
Audrey Olmstead
Allison Lux
Diane Slamp
Joshua Stohl
Ken Ritoch
Connie Lenzen
Lois Scowcroft
Carolyn Ruhl
Brooke Claridge
Dennis Jones
Frances Li
Betsy Riddell
John Rogers
Carol Humpage
Lewton Jones
Kate Loomis
Audrey Lungershausen
Eric Miller
Dixie Pannu
Marie Pearson
Jessica Pluhar
Mark Prieto
Momoko Okada
Kristin Shiga
Jude Siegel
Barbara Stollberg
Bhakti Watts
Diana Wong
Gulchin Tarabus
Sarah Hart
Hannah Hillebrand
Heather Mastel-Lipson
Amy Havin
Alexis Mahler
Lawrence Smith

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Portland Tennis Center 324 NE 12th Ave PortlandOR  97212
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