That Time I Tried Bouldering With My Kids

My daughter’s strength, meanwhile, is in her reserve, her measured contemplation of the best path up a wall. Like she does in life, she took her time and chose her own way. She likes to observe, to know where all the possibilities might lead her, and then select the best route for herself. Once she chooses it, be ready. She will amaze us all, scale any obstacle and end up somewhere unexpected, maybe even on the top of the world.

As for me, I learned two things: it’s important to see the world from a different angle, and it’s ok to change my direction to get there. I’m a planner in life, and sometimes I get caught up in my own plans and ideas. In fact, I can even be a little bit stubborn about changing my mind (just ask my kids). Bouldering provided an unexpected reminder about the benefits of looking at life (and the path I choose to walk through it) from another perspective.

Going Forward

In all honesty, it was not my favorite active experience, but both my kids loved it and have been asking to go back and climb again. They have been talking about bouldering for a week, and how they could get stronger and more flexible and make it up a harder wall. Since a parent has to be on the ground while the kids climb, I’m happy to take them back while keeping my two feet on the ground.

Or so I say now…like my son, sometimes I can’t resist a challenge.

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