19 Quick After-School Snacks for Kids

Now that I'm the mom of two kids who are in school full time, I've had to step up my lunchbox and snack-packing skills for my little scholars. But what about that bit of time after school? After hours of flexing their mental and physical muscles, most kids are famished at the end of the school day. A quick after-school snack to prevent the Hangry (hungry + angry) Monster from making an appearance is definitely needed to recharge and refresh.

You don't want to give the kids something that will ruin their appetite for dinner. And you definitely don't want them to mindlessly snack on chips or other nutritionally-void food. So here are 19 quick after-school snack ideas for kids (or yourself) that will give them just enough ZING to snap out of the afternoon slump. Some of these will need to be made ahead of time, but can easily be stored in the freezer or fridge. The next time the Hangry Monster comes barging through the door after school, you'll be ready to tame the beast.

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