Drill of the Week: Hockey Skating Drill for Kids

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This week's drill is Bungee Tug of War, a hockey skating exercise brought to you by TheDrillbook.com.


Bungee Tug of War is an exceptional drill for balance, posture, agility and edge control. The drill requires bungee cords (or a stick can serve as the cord). Players are split into pairs of similar skill and strength level.

Bungee Tug of WarBoth partners must keep two hands on the bungee (or stick) at all times and never let go. On the whistle, players attempt to pull their opponent off balance by moving in multiple directions. After 15 seconds, the coach blows the whistle to signify rest. Repeat the sequence for five to six battles.

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Key Teaching Point

Skating: Power is generated from the legs, not the arms. Players should drive with the legs and hips and rotate side to side to use all of the edges (hip rotation). Posture entails a deep knee bend, straight back and head up.

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For a visual demonstration of the Bungee Tug of War drill, watch the video above or click here