Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

heart pizza

We love our kids all the time—and show them in countless ways big and small—but Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to really kick it up a notch. Turn a regular meal or snack into an expression of love on Valentine’s Day with these simple and healthy treats!

Cupid’s Vanilla Berry Smoothie from The Seasoned Mom

This simple smoothie is perfect as a Valentine's Day snack or as part of your Valentine's breakfast.

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Valentine’s Day Dessert Fruit Pizza from Five Heart Home

Who doesn’t love pizza?

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Love Potion Number 9 from Sugar Hero

This sparkling pink non-alcoholic drink is perfect for that Valentine’s Day toast.

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Valentine’s Day Snack Board from Freutcake

A variety of heart-shaped treats and red and pink snacks make this snack board cute and festive.

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Chocolate Raspberries from Domestically Blissful

You only need a few ingredients to make these quick and easy chocolate raspberries.

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Strawberry Hearts from California Strawberries

Strawberries can easily be turned into hearts and are delicious on their own or dipped in chocolate.

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Strawberry Yogurt Bites from Produce for Kids

A set of heart-shaped molds can make all kinds of ordinary treats special for Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day Fruits with Messages from Cake Whiz

Turn a simple piece of fruit into a love letter to your kids on Valentine’s Day or any day you want to add a fun surprise to their lunch.

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Heart-Shaped Sushi from Holly’s Helpings

Sushi lovers will delight in this unique Valentine’s Day treat!

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Tulip Tomatoes from A Few Shortcuts

These adorable tomato tulips are surprisingly easy to make.

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Kiss Me Cakes from Parents Magazine

What a perfect way to kick off Valentine’s Day!

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Heart Fruit Kabobs from T1 Everyday Magic

Kids love eating anything off of a stick, especially heart-shaped fruit bites.

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