The Best Kids Stocking Stuffers for 2021

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No matter how relaxing we want to paint the holidays with images of candle lit dinners and fireside gatherings, we all know the last-minute gift gathering rush--and it's the small stuff for the stocking that's so easy to forget. We pulled together over 10 different gift ideas under $50 that will easily fill your child's stocking with useful and inspiring toys and gear to avoid that last minute stress. 

With items like paracord bracelets and sleeping bags for the outdoorsy young ones to LEGO and KiwiCo kits that will inspire creativity, you may find there's more here to love than will fit in just one stocking!

Put your feet up, take a scroll and rest easy knowing the hard work is done when it comes to your child's stocking this year. All you have to do is pick your favorites and click order!

Parchie Pal Watch


Whether your child is just learning to tell time or is a watch collector in the making, the Parchie Pal Watch is the gift for them. With a face measuring 32 mm in diameter, brightly colored hands and a Velcro strap, these watches are easy to read and wear. It's made with a water-resistant aluminum casing, so they can withstand the pool, the shower and any other regular wear and tear from day-to-day adventures. And although it's designed after the look of a dive watch, note these are only water resistant up to 30m (which should be more than enough for your little one).   

BUY: Parchie Pal Watch, $50.00

Orca Coolers Hydra 22oz


These double-walled, vacuum sealed to-go cups will keep your child's beverages hot or cold for hours, no matter the weather outside. The powder coated cup adds durability, and the ORCA Whale Tail Handle isn't just cute, it makes the 22oz bottle easier for little hands to carry. The Hydra is also dishwasher safe, so you can let your dishwasher do the dirty work for you. The kids Hydra is available in six unique styles, so you can choose one that fits any adventure!

BUY: Orca Coolers Hydra 22oz, $37.99

Bombas Youth Gripper Slipper


Bright, colorful, comfortable, warm--these slipper socks are the perfect stocking stuffer for any growing, active kid! The non-slip grippers on the sole paired with the soft interior lining make them ideal for safe, comfortable indoor wear. Available in a variety of color combinations and sizes, you might even need more than one pair! Plus, it's a gift that gives back: for every one purchased, another is donated.

BUY: Bombas Youth Gripper Slipper, $24.00

KiwiCo Rainbow Air Dry Clay Crate


If your child is one to inquire, innovate, design or build, a KiwiCo crate is a must-have! This particular crate emphasizes creativity and art with soft modeling clay in the six colors of the rainbow, plus black and white. Preserving your child's clay creations requires no more than leaving them out to dry, and the kit comes with two reusable storage jars to preserve clay for later use. Each KiwiCo box is inspired by STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) with unique learning challenges and activities for all ages. The Rainbow Air Dry Clay Crate is recommended for ages 3 and up, but visit the webpage to shop by age for more.

BUY: KiwiCo Rainbow Air Dry Clay Crate; $12.95

Yoga Pretzels


Stretching and mindfulness activities all in one, this stack of 50 yoga pose cards is great for kids and adults alike. And just because it came in your child's stocking, doesn't mean you can't join them for some stretching, too! From balancing poses to those that increase flexibility, each card comes with a series of steps and phrases to walk any beginner yogi through the breath, position and intention behind each pose with thoughtful connections to animals and nature. 

BUY: Yoga Pretzels, $7.95

ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card

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BUY: ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card, $89.95

Paracord Bracelet Making Kit


The paracord bracelet is famous for its utility and style. With the ability to braid several feet of strong cord into a short, stylish bracelet, these are frequently worn by outdoorsy individuals given their potentially life-saving utility in a time of need. This kit offers all the tools and steps necessary to braid your own, including 36 different colors of paracord rope ready to be braided into bracelets, lanyards and dog collars (or be put straight to use strapping things down when packing or playing in their forts). The durability and versatility of this cord is both useful and fun time and time again!

BUY: Paracord Bracelet Making Kit, $23.95

TYR Swimple Kids' Goggles


TYR's No. 1 kids swimming goggle, the Swimple Kids' Goggles are designed to be durable and easy to adjust. The hypoallergenic silicone eye-pieces make for comfortable wear in the water, and whether diving for rings or racing in a meet, they're a must-have for any pool day. Available in seven different color options, you're sure to find a pair that your young swimmer will love.

BUY: TYR Swimple Kids' Goggles, $11.99

Blackstrap Kid's Therma Tube


The Kid's Midweight Therma Tube is just what you need to help protect your kids from the elements. Whether for sun protection, fending off a runny nose brought on by the cold air or both, the Kid's Therma Tube has them covered (literally). Young skiers, snowboarders, sledders and snow-fort builders will love the soft fabric and the comfortable fit allowing them to stay outside in less-than-ideal weather for longer. The four-way stretch maximizes helmet compatibility, and with dozens of fun colorways and patterns, you're sure to find a pattern your kids will wear with pride! 

BUY: Blackstrap Kid's Therma Tube, $19.99

Kelty's Mistral Kids 20 Sleeping Bag


For kiddos who love to camp, Kelty's new Mistral Kids 20 is a true three-season mummy
bag, designed with a comfort hood and spacious natural-fit footbox. It's everything you love about your own sleeping bag sized-down for your little ones! The cozy CloudLoft insulation with offset quilt construction helps prevent the discomfort of cold spots while still allowing room for them to wiggle their toes. Available in two different color combinations, this is a must-have for happy campers everywhere.

BUY: Kelty's Mistral Kids 20 Sleeping Bag, $44.95

Butterfly Garden with Live Caterpillars


Do you have a budding scientist in your family? While you may be able to naturally attract a variety of butterflies to your backyard, it's easy to miss their earliest, squirmiest stages in life. The transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is one of the most awe-inspiring life cycles to observe. While the live caterpillars will require a bit of extra care, this gift is sure to inspire wonder in your home. Over three weeks, the five caterpillars will grow to become chrysalides and finally, painted lady butterflies right before your eyes. Your kids will learn a ton and have a memory to cherish forever!

BUY: Butterfly Garden with Live Caterpillars, $27.99

Honey Stinger Short Stack Waffle Box of 12


The Honey Stinger Short Stack Waffle offers all there is to love about a syrup-covered pancake or waffle with almost none of the mess (making them a kid and adult-approved snack)! Great on the go, Honey Stinger Waffles are made with organic ingredients and use honey (a natural source of sweetness and antioxidants) as the main energy source. Your kids will love having them for a recess snack, as a quick boost during their favorite sport or activity or with a glass of milk at breakfast.  

BUY: Honey Stinger Short Stack Waffle Box of 12, $17.99

JBL JR300 Kids On-Ear Headphones


Available in two different colors, the JBL JR300 On-Ear Headphones are the perfect gift to help your child enjoy music at a safe listening level. Limited to an 85-decibel volume, these are designed to prevent unwanted hearing damage caused by accidently turning music up too loud. Made for kids, the ear cushions, colors and sticker pack for personalization (included) make them comfortable, stylish and capable of being made uniquely theirs. Lightweight and easy to carry, these are great for on-the-go listening.

BUY: JBL JR300 Kids On-ear Headphones, $24.95

LEGO T-Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition 


It's hard to beat LEGO when it comes to innovation. This T-Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition kit includes 198 pieces that your child will put together step-by-step to form a museum-worthy masterpiece! Don't have a dinosaur enthusiast or budding paleontologist? Don't worry. LEGO is bound to have something that offers similar design challenges, skill builders and awe-inspiring outcomes for any area of interest or age.

BUY: LEGO T-Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition, $29.99

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