Drill of the Week: Explosive Footwork Soccer Drill for Kids

Welcome to Drill of the Week, a series on ACTIVEkids.com that explains individual and team drills for parents and coaches to help kids improve at the sports they love.

This week's drill is Explosive Footwork, a soccer drill brought to you by TheDrillbook.com


Explosive Footwork is a progression from Footwork and helps train goalies to move powerfully and quickly.

Set up three small 1-yard gates, spaced two yards apart. The player starts by moving through sideways, leading with the right foot and then again with the left. The player should lift their knees powerfully over the orange gates and then use quicker, small steps in between. 

Progress by having the player face forwards and perform two-footed jumps in the same way with high and powerful jumps through the gates and quicker, smaller contacts in between.  Goalies need to be able to move their feet well whilst keeping their head up to see the ball and players around them. Encourage your players to move through the cones with their head up as much as they can.

Key Teaching Points

  • Firm contact with the ground with balls of feet.
  • Rebound quickly and drive knees
  • Keep upper body controlled

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