2 Softball Practice Drills to Improve Vision

Colored Ball Drill

Use different colors to mark balls used for batting practice. Players will swing based on the action designated for each color. For example:

  1. Black: Swing Away
  2. Red: Don't Swing
  3. Blue: Bunt

Additional Exercises

Players can also work on improving their vision at home. Simple exercises like training their eyes to switch from focusing on one object to another.

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For example, focus on a computer screen or a book, and then focus on a specific object in the distance, a photo across the room or a tree across the street. This can help increase focus time and vision accuracy.

Also, when players are driving, they should practice moving their eyes from focusing on the dashboard to looking at license plates of other cars on the road.

If a player has access to a record player, she can improve her dynamic visual acuity by placing small letters from a magazine on the record and practice identifying them as it revolves.

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