Virtual Education Camps and Classes to Keep Kids Learning

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Navigating the world of online camps and classes can be difficult. There's so many options to choose from. We did the hard work for you and narrowed down all the options to just the best of the best. Below you'll find what we think are the top 11 education and extended learning camps and classes for kids. If none of these strike your kids' fancy, check out for more virtual offerings for education, as well as sports and fitness and the arts.

Can You Code?

Ages: 6th-8th grade
Dates: June 15-June 19
Price: $135

Gain a basic understanding of coding at this Can You Code? camp. Students will have the opportunity to work both independently as well as with peers. After gaining a basic understanding of how coding works, campers will be able to program a device for the grand challenge on the last day of camp in a friendly competition with their peers.

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Chess Academy

Ages: Unspecified
Dates: June 8-June 12
Price: $135

Is your child interested in learning to play chess but doesn't yet know how? The Chess Academy is offering interactive lessons, including the famous chess application for kids, Dr. Dinosaur, as well as puzzles and simultaneous games vs. instructors. Kids that sign up for this course will learn how to capture, attack and deliver a check mate.

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Learn to Build Apps with the MIT App Inventor

Ages: 10-14
Dates: August 3-August 7
Price: $225

Your little coder will learn problem-solving and coding skills while building mobile apps in this 5-day course. From introducing fundamental computer science concepts to applying Design Thinking process to utilizing MIT App Inventor to create apps for android smartphones professionally trained instructors will guide students through algorithms, decomposing problems and formulating multiple solutions. 

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Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Camp

Ages: 3rd-5th grade
Dates: June 14-June 19
Price: $120

Build strength in three subjects with Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Camp. Students participate in group lessons and activities, as well as assigned independent work. Individual assessments determine each child's ability, allowing teachers to customize a targeted program for each student. When camp is over, teachers will provide parents with an individualized summer learning plan, ensuring students are well-prepared to begin school in the fall.

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Virtual Game Builders

Ages: 7-9
Dates: June 8-June 12
Price: $249

Help your child turn their love of video games into a learning experience at Virtual Game Builders, where they'll build their very own 3D video games in live and interactive sessions. Kids will gain an understanding of visual programming by learning how to design their own video games with exciting challenges, innovative gameplay and fun characters using the software Kodu from Microsoft. Kids will also be able to save and play the games they create with friends and family on Windows computers.

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Minecraft Adventures

Ages: 8-12
Dates: June 1-June 5
Price: $180

Help your child take their Minecraft skills to the next level with this course, where students will learn new computer skills as they explore mod creation to make the Minecraft world of their own. The course is instructor-led and self-directed, and students must have a computer and their own PC Minecraft account login and password.

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Speech Camp

Ages: 9th-12th grade
Dates: June 8-June 26
Price: $800

Help your child hone his or her communication skills. In this month-long course, students learn interactive group communication through discussion formats such as business meetings, brainstorming sessions and open forums. Interpersonal speaking skills are developed through presentations, and organizational skills and methods of effectively delivering ideas through prepared speeches are learned in this course. 

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Ages: 5th- 6th grade
Dates: June 8-July 2
Price: $100

Students at STEM Camp will become imaginative innovators through the use of critical thinking skills, science, and math in the engineering design process using materials found around the house. Students will create a cotton ball launcher, a balloon/rubber band powered car and other fun inventions.

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5-Day Idea Incubator Camp

Ages: 3rd-8th grade
Dates: August 24-August 28
Price: CAD $168.37

During this 5-Day Idea Incubator Camp, students will dive into three core STEM topics: coding, robotics and Minecraft. Kids will create their own projects and collaborate with others. Breaks and games are also included for kids to exercise their imagination, have fun and strengthen their team-building skills. 

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Virtual Programming with Python

Ages: 6th-8th grade
Dates: June 15-June 19
Price: $199

Learn the basic principles of programming in Python, a powerful and fast open-source programming language with numerous applications. Campers must have a basic knowledge of basic concepts of mathematics and a computer with Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser. 

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Comic Book Creation Camp

Ages: 6-8
Dates: August 3-August 7

Encourage your kids to use their imagination by creating comic books with story visualizer software. Campers will learn editing and storytelling skills as they use their own toys and stuffed animals to capture and tell their story. Students must have access to a tablet or iPad and have some experience using a computer. 

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