Drill of the Week: Campfire Touch Hockey Drill

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This week's drill is Campfire Touch, a hockey exercise brought to you by TheDrillbook.com.


"Campfire Touch", challenges agility, balance, coordination and puck skills. Players perform lateral crossovers from cone to cone. Each time they reach the cone they simultaneously stop and then touch the ice with their outside glove. Players then head back to the other cone and repeat. After 20 seconds, players rest and their partner jumps in and begins.

**You can begin this drill without pucks and then progress to pucks as an option*** 

Key Teaching Points

Skating Skills: Deep knee bend is required for glove to touch the ice. Encourage players to bend from the knees and not from the waist. Do not race on the lateral crossovers and keep the body square and belly facing the opposite end. Work to rest ratios must be 1:1 so players have adequate rest for each set. 

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