Stay Organized While Camping

Planning a camping trip this year? Here are some helpful tips from fellow campers that will help you and your family keep organized.

Pack all your camping gear in big, sturdy plastic totes. At the end of the season I clean and repack all my gear and stash it in the tote. On the lid I stick a sandwich zip bag with a detailed list of all the contents written clearly on a card inside. I can see what's inside at a glance and I know it's clean and ready to go. This is a good way to ensure I don't forget anything, and if I want to go camping on impulse I just grab the tote, pick up my tent and go.
Submitted By: Juliet Gill

Keep a Camping Log
We start out by recording the time and mileage between our house and the campsite. I usually include a description and what we liked or disliked about the property and take a photograph so we remember the grounds. This helps when we decide to reserve our next camping trip!
Submitted By: Joyce Johnson

Storage Area
Make a drawing of the storage areas in your RV or camper and list the contents of each storage area so you can see at a glance where the item you need is without fumbling in the dark or opening each cupboard. Update the list as you add or delete equipment.
Submitted By: Rosemary McLain

Coffee Can
Don't throw away that big coffee container when you're done with it, it will hold around 40 plastic bags that can be used to collect trash. For my RV, I drill holes in the bottom of the can stick the shaft of my screwdrivers in. It keeps them neat and all in one place.
Submitted By: Dale Hellman

Pick a Mascot!
We bought a small rubber duck that has now become our camping mascot. When we camp, we take a photo of the duck somewhere in the park and post it in our travel scrapbook. Our scrapbook is a small photo book with a slot for two photos on each page. In one slot we store a photo from the trip and in the other an index card listing the park, the site, the weather, who camped with us and any other little story to remember our trip. 
Submitted By: Phyllis Wyatty

Tissue Box Storage
When we go on a camping trip we just drop all our receipts and paperwork in an empty tissue box. At the end of the trip we have our papers organized. We also save the empty small square tissue boxes and use them as small waste baskets and then just throw them away when we leave to go home.
Submitted By: Nadine Olthaus

Chip Can Storage
Use chip cans to store your sharp knives, serving utensils, hot pads and other camping items. This keeps everything neat and tidy and you always know where they are at all times. Remember to put the lids on them to avoid any of the kids from getting in them.
Submitted By: Merry J. Penn

Store your Clothes
I use stackable vegetable containers (with the front cutouts) for our clothes. Each person gets a container. They stack in the corner of the tent for easy retrieval of clothes. It comes with a top so you can use it as a night stand also.
Submitted By: Sharon Lusk


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