Date Night Ideas That Take a Page From the Kids

picnic date

Moms and dads spend so much time scheduling, packing lunches, planning play dates and coming up with fun after school activities for their kids that it's no wonder there's often little time to hit play on the remote, much less plan a creative date night. Here are some starter ideas taken from the kids' playbook.

Pack a Lunch

We know, we know. The last thing you want to do is pack a lunch. But this time we mean a picnic lunch—or dinner—and hit the park, a local arboretum or even your own backyard with a bottle of wine and all your favorite snacks.

Night at the Museum

Many museums that your kids love during the day host adults-only nights every so often. You can see what you want to see without compromising for your kids. Learn something new, and explore science together!

Try Art Class

If your kids love art, don't tell them about your date night to a painting and wine studio or they might be upset that they weren't invited. Most are BYOB and provide step-by-step instructions for creating a unique masterpiece based on a guide painting.

Live out Loud

Singing too loudly isn't just for five-year-olds, and karaoke isn't just for drunk 20-somethings. You can have fun singing classic tunes or the latest hits at a local karaoke joint or even a classic Korean karaoke bar!

Play by Play

Head to a local theater, and take in a live show. Try something new or something you've never even heard of. A small company or even a comedy act could be just the break in routine you've been looking for.

Hit the Arcade

Games are fun, but unlimited or super-cheap gaming with old-school arcade games plus beer is even more fun! Play against each other, and the winner gets to plan the next date night.

Throw Stuff

These days most cities have axe-throwing spots. If you've never heard of it, it's kind of like darts, but with axes. It's the kind of thing your kids would love but are definitely not allowed to participate in. Follow any axe throwing with throwing back a couple of beers.

Do Something Good

One way to guarantee date night smiles? Volunteering. Stock a food pantry, serve food to the homeless or walk a 5K together. Either way, you'll feel great about doing something good with your time.

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