Trick Your Kids Into Yard Work by Starting a Garden

Spring is right around the corner, and the dull brown color of the grass is slowly becoming greener everyday. The temperature is starting to rise, and the days are getting longer.

When this time of year rolls around I start to think about cleaning up the yard and planning for our garden. Last year our garden was a major fail. Well, for us (the humans) that is. Some little woodland creatures had a good old time devouring every single plant that sprouted.

One good thing that came out of planting our garden last year was that my kids got really excited for the whole process: Plant the seed. Give it plenty of sunshine and water. Plant grows and produces veggies. Eat and enjoy yummy veggies.

They had so much fun playing in the dirt and checking on the progress of our plants every day. Getting your kids interested in gardening is also a great way to build patience. In the land of fast food, it can help kids gain the perspective that real food takes time to grow.

While I'm definitely not a master gardener, I have learned some tricks over the years. The biggest lesson I've learned is that my garden doesn't have to be perfect to grow something beautiful (or good to eat).

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when starting a garden with your own kids.

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