Camping Safety Rules for Kids

5. Shoes at All Times

Though you may decide that flip-flops are okay when kids are inside the campsite, some kind of shoes should be worn at all times. Walking through the woods in bare feet puts kids in danger of stepping on rocks, thorns and poisonous plants.

6. Camp Tools Aren't Toys

Kids should stay away from camp tools like axes and knives, as well as any other equipment that is potentially dangerous or fragile. It can help to give them their own safe tools like pails and shovels, to keep restless hands busy. You might even ask them to do helpful tasks like digging a perimeter around the fire pit before making a campfire.

7. Do Your Camp Chores

There's a reason that chores fall into the "safety" category. Parents will have plenty of chores to do to set up camp and keep it going, and the best way to keep the kids out of trouble is to give them jobs of their own. Some chores, such as proper trash disposal, are also key to keeping the campsite safe.

8. Don't Eat Anything You Find in the Woods

Explain to your children that items such as berries, mushrooms and nuts they see in the forest aren't for picking and eating. Although they might look similar to their safe counterparts in the grocery store, items found in the woods could be poisonous to humans. And even if we see birds or other animals eating them, it's no guarantee that people can do so safely.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Remind your children to carry their water bottles with them and refill them regularly. Being outside all day, and the sweat-inducing activities that come along with it, can deplete the water in our bodies.

10. Fuel Up with Healthy Foods

All kids need energy to be able to run, climb and play. In addition to hearty campsite meals, pack plenty of high-protein snacks such as peanut butter crackers, nuts, jerky and trail mix. Avoiding sugary treats can prevent energy crashes.

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