Camping Safety Rules for Kids

11. Keep It Clean

The best way to keep animals away from the campsite is to make sure it's clean and litter-free. Kids will be happy to help if you explain that they're protecting the family by picking up food wrappers, dirty socks and shoes, empty cans and wet bathing suits.

12. No Food in the Tent

Not only is this rule about keeping things clean, but it's also about keeping away animals--especially bears! Explain to the children that bears and other wild animals have a very good sense of smell. Even if food is wrapped in a package, bears can still smell it in the tent.

13. Don't Leave the Marked Trail

This is a basic camp safety practice, and it's an important rule for children to learn early. Be sure to emphasize how easy it is to lose track of the marked path, not only at dusk or in the rain, but in the clear light of day.

14. Make Noise

This is probably the easiest rule for kids to follow! It's important to make some kind of noise when you're walking through the woods or hiking a trail, in order to warn nearby animals to stay away. You can also tie bells to little kids' shoelaces that will jingle when they walk. Chances are, they'll love 'em so much, they'll want to keep them on even after you get back home.

15. Never Try to Touch Wild Animals

Make sure your children know that they aren't allowed to pet any wild animals. Animals in the wild might be carrying disease, and even harmless-looking animals may defend themselves with sharp teeth and claws when approached by humans.

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