10 Podcasts to Help Keep Your Resolutions on Track


Odds are if you have an interest, inkling or an itch, there's a podcast for it. And when it comes to keeping those New Year's resolutions? There are podcasts for those too. It's about the time of year that we tend to start letting our resolutions slip as we get back into our daily routines, so why not try and head things off with a podcast or two? Upgrade your commute, lunch break or workout with one or more of the following podcasts. 

Resolution: Eat Healthy
Podcast: Nutrition Diva

"Upgrade your eating habits" with this practical podcast from Monica Reinagel. Reinagel breaks down one bite-sized, nutritional topic per episode, from preventing E. Coli to the pros and cons of the keto diet.

Resolution: Get Out of Debt
Podcast: Radical Personal Finance

Financial health is essential to physical and mental health. Get there with Radical Personal Finance, a podcast from financial advisor Joshua J. Sheats. He gives listeners straightforward answers and strategies that you can borrow to get financially fit.

Resolution: Become More Active
Podcast: Life Kit

Life Kit is a short series that helps you get started putting a new positive habit into place: working out more. Start with simple strategies that work, and you'll end up with some well-deserved pats on the back.

Resolution: Start a Self-Care Practice
Podcast: Untangle

You'll want to start a meditation practice of your own after hearing about the experiences of real people from all walks of life and how they practice with Untangle, from the creators of the app Meditation Studio.

Resolution: More Quality Time With Family
Podcast: Stuff You Missed in History Class

This podcast can help the whole family learn something they'll likely never hear about in school about everything from crayons to pizza. 

Resolution: Peace in the Car
Podcast: Story Time—Children's Bedtime Stories 

These calming bedtime stories for kids ages 2 to 13 can be enjoyed by the whole family, whether on the way home from school or before bed each night. They keep my 5-year-old twins pretty captivated, and the British accents are soothing.

Resolution: Learn Something Daily
Podcast: Wow in the World

Experience learning in a whole new way with partners-in-crime Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas as they tour the world, universe and even human body in episode after highly entertaining episode of Wow in the World. If you have curious kids, they'll love this lively, often hilarious podcast.

Resolution: Quit a Bad Habit
Podcast: How to Stop
A light podcast about serious issues, How to Stop takes on everything from being single to swearing. 

Resolution: Be a Better Spouse
Podcast: Modern Love

Hosts Meghna Chakrabarti of NPR and Daniel Jones of the New York Times bring celebs along for the ride as they read and analyze listener essays about relationships. 
Resolution: Finally Start a New Business
Podcast: How I Built This

Guy Raz interviews innovative entrepreneurs at the top of their game, sharing the origin stories behind some of the best-known companies in the world. Examples include TOMS, SoulCycle, Kickstarter, Whole Foods, Rent The Runway and more.

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