4 Ways to Get the Most Out of ACTIVEkids.com

Ready to join our community of ACTIVE kids and parents? We're happy to have you! The easy-to-use ACTIVEkids.com interface allows you to search events by gender, age and interests to find activities relevant to your child. Here's how to make the site work most effectively for you and your family.

Logging In

As part of the login process, you're going to be asked to log in two separate times. This is because we also need to get you logged into the individual event organizer's website. The good news is that once we've connected the accounts, you'll never have to log in twice again for that organization.

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Customize Your Activity Stream

The first time you use ACTIVEkids.com, you'll be able to provide some information about your kids like their name, age, gender, and interests. Why fill out the profile? Because it helps us make your life easier by supplying you with customized recommendations for events in your area. The more info you provide, the better your activity recommendations will be, and the quicker you'll be able to get your kids registered for the events and activities they love. If you still have concerns, check the privacy policy for more information.

Creating a Profile

You don't have to have an ACTIVEkids.com account to search events or add a family member or address. However, if you don't create a profile your information won't be saved when you visit the site next time. If you do create a profile, it will allow us to save this info and customize your recommendations every time you visit.

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There are three ways to fill out your profile and add family members:

1. From the ACTIVEkids.com homepage, click 'Add a Family Member.' You'll be prompted to fill out some basic information like name, age, gender and interests. Click 'Save' and you'll be redirected back to the homepage, now with your child's profile added. You'll notice their name appearing right underneath the search bar. To add another child, simply click the plus sign next to their name.

2. Or, as you're filtering search results, click the dropdown for 'Who' and then select 'Add Family Member' under the Family Members tab.

3. You can also just click your name on the top right corner of your screen and select 'View Profile.' From there, you'll notice a tab on the left-hand side of the page called 'My Family,' where you can add new family members and edit or delete existing ones.

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Searching for Activities

Our brand new search filters are what make ACTIVEkids.com stand out from the crowd. Add your home address, and we'll show you results near you. If you have multiple children with a profile, you can filter by one child or by all of them. You'll be able to see from the results which events are appropriate for which children. Maybe you'll get lucky and find an event that will satisfy everyone! You can also sort by interest, age groups, day of the week, and more—all intended to help you find the most relevant activities for your kids.

Voila! It's that easy. You're officially ready to get your kids ACTIVE.

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