6 Family-Friendly Indoor Activities for Winter

As the temperature continues to drop and snow falls to the ground, the warmth of the couch looks more and more attractive each day during winter months. Motivation to go outside dwindles. But as a parent, it's important to keep moving as a family.

Get active as a family during the winter. Just head indoors. These six family-friendly indoor activities will create family memories while building endurance.


Fencing clubs are popping up all over the country, giving kids and adults the opportunity to try their hand at swordplay. It's an intensive lower-body workout that is as fun as it is tiring. Best of all, you and your little Jedi can have an adventure together.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Being trapped indoors can leave some kids, and parents, climbing up the walls. What better time then to climb actual walls? Indoor rock gyms offer rock walls of varying difficulty, so whether you're a complete beginner or a pair of tights away from becoming Spiderman, you'll find the excitement and challenge you're looking for as you safely scale new heights.

Table Tennis

If the only exposure you've had to "ping pong" is watching Tom Hanks movies, you're missing out. Table tennis is one of the most exciting games in the world, requiring quick reactions and fast footwork. It can also be played more slowly for kids and beginners, so everyone can join in the fun.


Bowling can be one of those games that take you back to your childhood and give you a new way to connect with your kids. Since you can spend as much time socializing as playing, a trip to the bowling alley can mean more bonding time for the family.

Futsal (Indoor Soccer)

Invented in South America in the 1930s, this game was the childhood favorite of soccer stars from Pel? to Ronaldinho. Played indoors and with smaller teams, Futsal allows players more time with the ball than outdoor soccer, meaning they get more time to develop their skills and have more fun. This is the perfect winter alternative to soccer fans impatient for the snow to melt.

Laser Tag

Break your kids away from video games and let them feel like they are living in a virtual world. Laser tag allows them to run around for hours, in a safe environment, shooting objects. They'll feel like that they are in their favorite video game.

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