7 Art-Themed YouTube Channels for Kids

Simone Biles

YouTube (and the Internet as a whole) is like the wild west. For every great video, you can find five that aren't so great, which poses a serious problem for parents who have kids who love spending their free time on the site. 

But don't let this deter you—there are lots of channels that take their "kid-friendly-ness" seriously and create content that strikes a nice balance between inspiration, education and entertainment. 

We've narrowed our scope down to seven art-themed YouTube channels that clearly show all the steps for completing fun drawing and craft projects. We recommend watching many of these videos all the way through once, then restarting, pausing and unpausing the video after you complete each step. 

What projects are you and your kids tackling first? Let us know in the comments, below! 

Crafts for Kids

If you're stuck wondering what to do with an afternoon, Crafts for Kids is there to lend you a hand with ideas that range from clay or paint projects to quick-and-easy kitchen science experiments. These videos run fast, so they're definitely a watch, get inspired and then prepare to try it later type. Whether it's cute, fun or functional, this channel will likely bring about hours of enjoyment for you and your kids!

Art for Kids Hub

No matter the age of your young artist, you'll surely find something that matches their interest and ability level at Art for Kids Hub. From cute animals and foods to historical figures and familiar animated characters, this family of seven loves to draw together! Your child will virtually jump right in there with them, and they'll need nothing more than a blank paper, a black marker and a variety of colors.

Createful Kids

Look no further than Createful Kids for art lessons for kids, with kids and even sometimes by kids! The tutorials on this site include videos and projects in a wide range of mediums: watercolor, clay, oil pastels, acrylic paint and traditional drawing tools. A unique video series on this channel includes art history lessons paired with step-by-step tutorials inspired by famous artists. You'll no-doubt get some frame-worthy (or at least refrigerator door-worthy) art out of these videos!

I Love Drawing

Using a variety of techniques, I Love Drawing is a great channel to inspire your young artist to expand their doodling and drawing library. The videos are short and sweet, and range from quick doodle lessons to ones on technique and art history—all with just a box of markers and a blank page.   

Carla Sonheim 

This published art teacher shares a wide array of lessons on her YouTube channel (beginner and advanced for adults and kids), but this recommendation is specifically for her Kids Art Week Lesson Series. From Picasso-inspired canines to art with leaves, Carla Sonheim's six-lesson series will help your child create and explore several different art mediums while also learning some neat facts about famous artists along the way. The calm nature and pace of her videos will help set the stage for a creative afternoon art project with your kids (and you'll want to participate, too)!

Art Classes for Kids

Painting, watercolor, drawing—you name it, Kim with Art Classes for Kids has a tutorial video to help your child learn about a new technique or artist and create some beautiful art along the way. Most of her tutorials run about 10 minutes long with some stretching out as long as an hour. With a wide range of projects, you'll have no problem finding one that will pique your kids' interest!

Paint it Kids

Paint it Kids is another channel with some fun step-by-step drawing videos for kids. But what really makes them stand out above other YouTube channels is the time they put into providing specific and easy mini-lessons on the elements of art—form, contrast, color, patterns, texture, space, shape. This is a great channel for older kids who are getting more serious about their art and are looking for more in-depth instruction and inspiration for their next project.

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