8 Popular Kids Snacks That Are Shockingly Unhealthy

There's just about nothing a child loves more than the Almighty Snack--and with good reason. Children are less metabolically efficient than adults, meaning they burn their energy much more quickly doing the same amount of activity. So, while you eat three hearty meals a day with some light snacking, kids require more calories, more often, to maintain those exuberant energy levels that parents so admire.

That being said, with childhood obesity on the rise, a key to solving the issue is actually more calories--of the right kind. Kids' snacks should be loaded with protein and healthy fats, not sugar. Parents have been tossing Goldfish crackers and fruit snacks at their hangry offspring for decades, but it's time to break the cycle by unveiling the poor quality of some top go-to kids' snacks.

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