ACTIVE Ideas for Halloween Weekend

Halloween is just around the corner, which means goblins, ghosts and ghoulishly-costumed little ones will soon be ringing your doorbell demanding a trick or treat.

If garish frights aren't your cup of tea, though, and you want to add a livelier touch to All Hallows' Eve, here are four ways to stay ACTIVE amongst the walking dead.

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1. Costumes

Whether it's a day at the gym or Halloween night, your attire says a lot.

While kids might be partial to dressing up as vampires or zombies, there are fun, inventive ways your child can channel his or her ACTIVE with a memorable costume.

One simple idea for your son or daughter is to dress up as his or her favorite sports personality—a great way to let your child live out their athletic dreams. There's also the weightlifter, which merely requires a broomstick and two Styrofoam balls with an absurd amount of weight written on each. You can even add a fake hipster mustache and black wrestling singlet to give it that ragtime feel. A UFC-clad Ronda Rousey costume is also a great choice for your little girl.

As for adults, the traditional black-and-white striped referee costume, or going as a prizefighter still banged up after battling a juiced-up Russian named Drago for 20 rounds, are always classics.

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2. Pumpkin Carving

If you're an avid runner or cyclist, why not show it off with a cool pumpkin carving?

The beautiful thing about carving a pumpkin is that the possibilities are endless. Or, at least as endless as your skill with a knife will take you. Nonetheless, you likely won't be judged off technical ability, but creativity.

If your ACTIVE is hiking, try carving out an entire mountain range. If it's playing tennis, try replicating the fine lines of a tennis racket. Either is sure to look magnificent as the pumpkin glows.

3. House Decorations

Don't be the dark house in the neighborhood that requires kids to consult briefly by your mailbox on whether or not to ring your doorbell. Instead, liven up your entrance by making it a fun, haunted obstacle course.

Place some grave markers children have to weave in and out of as they dodge vicious spider webs. This isn't exactly boot camp—after all, the tiny toddlers have to be included in the fun—but it should provide a way for the kids to burn off some of those calories they've surely already consumed.

4. Candy Alternatives

We're not suggesting you pass out Power Bars or Cycling Gels, but healthy alternatives to sugar-packed candy are always great options to spread the ACTIVE holiday spirit.

Try giving them little games you can buy at toy aisles in grocery stores. Finger football, bounce-back paddleball and jacks are small, fun games kids enjoy playing. If you're dead set on handing out treats, little boxes of raisins or small bags of dried cherries and caramel apples are sweet and savory snacks without immense amounts of sugar.

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