Drill of the Week: Soccer Stop Turn for Kids

Welcome to Drill of the Week, a series on ACTIVEkids.com that explains individual and team drills for parents and coaches to help kids improve at the sports they love.

This week's drill is the Stop Turn, a soccer exercise brought to you by TheDrillbook.com.


The Stop Turn uses the sole of the foot to turn. Shorten the stride to decelerate, then quickly use the sole of the foot to stop the ball and pull it behind the plant leg, pivot quickly, then with the outside of the other foot take second touch to get away from the defender and get the head up.

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Key Teaching Points

- Decelerate, slow down on approach.
- Protect the ball by keeping your body between the ball and the defender.
- Move away quickly into space created after the turn.

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For a visual demonstration of the Stop Turn drill, watch the video below or click here.