Helpful Home-Schooling Resources for Parents

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For many parents, the struggle is extremely real right now as they try to navigate home schooling their children during the COVID-19 pandemic while also working from home and still putting food on the table. We want to help make the experience a little bit easier by providing some helpful, educational resources curated by a real teacher, so you can spend less time planning things for your kids to do and more time enjoying the experience with them.

Virtual Field Trips

BrainPOP Jr.

Many videos are already free, but it is also offering free access for families for 30 days! Just click “request family access” at the top of the screen.

Scholastic Learn at Home Ideas

Scholastic is doing free access to its sites.

National Geographic Kids

One of the best sites for experiential learning for kids.

Reading Websites & Literacy Center Ideas








PE Ideas

  • Create a dance to your favorite song and teach it to a family member.
  • Put on some music and have a dance party.
  • Build a fort using pillows, blankets, chairs and other things around the house.
  • Play charades.
  • Play hot potato to music
  • Create a treasure or scavenger hunt
  • Fitness pyramid: 20 jumping jacks, 15 arm circles, 10 crunches, 10 frog hops, 30 second plank • Take a long walk with your family around the neighborhood.
  • Blow up a balloon and play balloon volleyball with a family member.
  • Time how long you can jump up and down.
  • Time how long you can run fast in place.
  • Move like a penguin and have a race with a family member.
  • Sing your ABCs while jogging in place. Can you do it twice?
  • Play tag outside (or inside if you have space).
  • Make a hopscotch board with chalk or tape.
  • Jump Rope while you say the letters of the alphabet. Now jump backward and say the alphabet backward.
  • Jog, skip or gallop around the house and look for objects that start with each letter (for example, find objects that start with J while jogging
  • Human Alphabet: Try to form each letter of the alphabet using your body. Try to spell a word that others can guess without using any sounds except spelling it out with your body.
  • Play Simon Says: Shake your whole body for 10 seconds. Jump up and down as high as you can 10 times. Do a cartwheel. Do arm circles. Hop like a frog. Walk like a crab. Hop on your left foot 10 times and then your right foot 10 times. Touch your toes 10 times.

Tablet Apps

  • PebbleGo
  • ChatterPix: You can take a picture of something then record your voice over it, making the image talk! Great for retelling or creating stories.
  • Math Slide
  • Todo Time and Todo Math (but all the Todo apps are great)
  • Skybrary
  • Sum Stacker
  • Shapes 3D
  • Toontastic
  • Duolingo: Learn a new language!


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