How to Decide Between Sleepaway Camps and Day Camps


Overnight camps and day camps provide similar benefits for participants. Both provide opportunities for kids to socialize, exercise, make decisions and experiment with new activities.

Here are some additional benefits for both types of camps:

Day Camps

  • Comfort of Home: Some children are not yet ready to spend a night away from the comfort of their own home. Day camps give these attendees the ability to return home each night after an eventful day of activities.
  • Less Strenuous Schedule: Overnight camps often keep children busy the entire day, and some are not ready for this commitment. Day camps typically run during normal work and school hours, so participants will be free to relax by the evening.

Overnight Camps

  • Personal Growth: The experience of being away from home for an extended period of time is an invaluable growth opportunity for young children.
  • Focus: Overnight camps give kids a chance to fully focus on the task at hand. If it's a music camp, they'll be able to learn and practice with their instrument from dusk to dawn. If it's a soccer camp, they'll eat, sleep, and breathe soccer all day, every day.

Remember, the whole point of sending your child to summer camp is to give them a positive, enriching experience. A child's first overnight camp is a big step, so it's important to take all factors into consideration when deciding if your child is ready for that level of independence.

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