Introduce Yoga to Kids with a Beautifully Illustrated Book

I Am Yoga book
Illustratation by Peter H. Reynolds in the book I Am Yoga

At the back of the short book I Am Yoga, there's a useful glossary of descriptions and images to explain how to do yoga poses for children. But most of this book isn't about how to do yoga. It's about how to be yoga.

Susan Verde explains in her author's note of the book that the word "yoga" means "union."

"My own yoga practice is a way to handle stress, find calm in my mind and strength in my body and be present as an educator, a parent, a kid's yoga teacher and a person in a busy world. Kids are yoga," she writes.

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The work of New York Times bestselling illustrator Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot and Ish), fills this book, showing the transformation of a child from feeling a bit overwhelmed with life to finding peace and strength through yoga.

"... I feel small in a world so big," the first pages begin, illustrated by a girl carrying the large world on her back.

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