Long Distance Running Tips for Kids

I'm a runner. I love to run and I want to share that love with my kids. The first time my son and daughter asked to run with me, I was ecstatic. And when they wanted to actually run a race? If I could do a back handspring, I would have.

I'm not alone in wanting my kids to catch the running fever. Go to almost any local race and you're sure to find a kids' fun run. Or you'll find a kid from any age group lined up next to you at the starting line.

There are usually two ways it goes down after the gun goes off—the kid will either proceed to put all their effort and energy into sprinting the first quarter mile before they slow to a walk or they'll blow past you and you'll never see them again. Either way, it's always fun to see.

As your child grows, the fun runs and the 5Ks may not be enough for them anymore. So what do you do when your child is ready to run longer distances like a 10K or half marathon?

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