The Best Holiday Gifts in 2021 for Kids 10 and Under

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The real challenge in shopping for kids' toys is finding a product that's both durable and unique enough that it won't lose its novelty before it wears out or your child outgrows it. Toys, games and gear that last and keep your child's interest are worth their weight in gold—and that's our goal with this list.  

From tricycles, bicycles and scooters to yard games and toys that support creative play and collaboration, we carefully curated this list of gift ideas to help inspire your little one (and keep them on the move) well beyond the holiday season!

The only thing better than the lasting memory of unwrapping a favorite gift is all the family adventures that come along with it. We're confident you'll find something on this list that will spark new memories for your little one as they grow, play and learn through every adventure big and small! 

Woom 1 or Woom 1 Plus Balance Bikes


The Woom 1 Balance Bike is designed to get your kids up and cruising on the bike as early as 18 months, but for young riders getting started after age three (or who are tall for their age) you may want to go with the Woom 1 Plus. The Plus version offers everything the Woom 1 bike does, just with a slightly larger frame and a place to put their feet while balancing in motion. Available in five different colors, these Woom balance bikes will get your little ones on the move and ready to pedal in no time.

BUY: Woom 1 or Woom 1 Plus Balance Bikes, $199.00 - $269.00

Lazer Lil' Gekko MIPS Helmet


If your little one's going to hit the streets on a new set of wheels, you might as well top it off with a brand-new helmet! The Lazer Lil' Gekko MIPS Helmet boasts a one-size-fits-all fit for even the youngest riders, which means they'll be able to wear it for longer as they grow. Designed for little riders' ease of use, this helmet boasts an AutoFit system that will adjust to their size without hassle, plus a chin buckle designed to avoid pinching. The bright pattern and color options also make them stylish (thus more likely to be worn) and easy to spot on the move.

BUY: Lazer Lil' Gekko MIPS Helmet, $64.99

Jumbo Pop Fidget Toy Board Game


The popular kids pop-it toy—made famous with claims to help relieve anxiety and combat boredom—has a new, interactive spin! With the Jumbo Pop Fidget Toy Board Game kids can play face-to-face with an opponent to see who can push down all their markers first by taking turns rolling and totaling dice. It's educational, as it will help them practice basic math skills in counting, number recognition and addition, but it's also colorful and engaging fun! You might even find that you'll enjoy sitting down for a game or two, too!

BUY: Jumbo Pop Fidget Toy Board Game, $14.98

Micro Kickboard Mini OR Maxi Deluxe LED Scooter


Before your little cruiser is ready to balance on two wheels, the three-wheel design of the Micro Kickboard Mini (size appropriate for ages 2 to 5) or Micro Kickboard Maxi (size appropriate for ages 5 to 12) Deluxe Scooter is the ultimate way to get them on the go! The LED light feature in the wheels of this model require no additional batteries, and they come in a variety of bright, inspiring color combinations. It's perfect for cruising on the driveway or as a preferred form of transportation for your little one on family walks to the park or even school.

BUY: Micro Kickboard Mini OR Maxi Deluxe LED Scooter, $99.99 - $149.99

Design and Build Water Blocks


Looking to add something new to bath time play or an outdoor sensory water table? Lakeshore's Design and Build Water Blocks includes a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of blocks that float and stack easily (even when resting on a bumpy water surface). Your littlest ones will enjoy playing with the floating blocks and getting them to balance on one another in new and interesting ways. Whether they build a cityscape, a boat or something entirely new from their own imagination, the possibilities with blocks are endless, making them good toys to revisit time and time again.

BUY: Design and Build Water Blocks, $29.99

Mega Morphibian Remote Control Vehicle


The Mega Morphibian Vehicle is a remote control four by four that can traverse through bumpy gravel, sticky mud and even water—and it'll still keep trekking! Great for indoor or outdoor play, it's everything your typical remote-control car is and then some. Your kids will love the unique animal-inspired designs, including the crocodile, shark and snake. Similar to these fierce critters, the Mega Morphibian Remote Control Vehicle is designed to withstand and power through whatever adventures come its way—just don't forget the batteries!

BUY: Mega Morhpibian Remote Control Vehicle, $34.98

Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle


If it isn't the tricycle you had as a kid, it's the one you wish you had—some things just never get old! As your little one grows, so can this trike with its easily adjustable seat. The steel construction makes it sturdy and durable, and the streamers and handlebar bell add a classic touch of pizzaz. Riding around the neighborhood or through the park, your young rider will pedal with pride and joy on their Radio Flyer Tricycle!

BUY: Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle, $89.99

Life on Earth Memory and Matching Game


The irresistible, classic card game for kids is taken to a new level of cute and fun with these beautifully illustrated tiles. Complete with 24 matching cards, including an array of lifeforms from woodland creatures to coral, this game set will provide endless matching and stacking excitement for you and your kids. Lay them out on the living room floor or at a picnic table—indoor or outdoor, this game is sure to help your child hone their skills in recognition and memorization, as well as inspire more play with each nature-themed match.

BUY: Life on Earth Memory and Matching Game, $17.99

The Kickball Dartboard


A larger-than-life dartboard set that relies more on gross motor skills than fine ones, this kickball dartboard is complete with the six-foot-tall inflatable dart board, four balls, stakes, a repair kit for punctures and an electric pump. It's a yard game that's easy to set up and will last for the long-haul. Your kids will love getting you to join in on the fun and racking up points with each kick.

BUY: The Kickball Dartboard, $179.95

ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card

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BUY: ACTIVE Advantage Gift Card, $89.95

Lily and River's Little Surfer Balance Toy


Lily and River's Little Surfer Balance Toy naturally converts from a playtime balance toy to a quiet-time perch for your little ones. Made with natural premium birch hardwood, it's a simple, durable must-have for any child ranging from ages 1 to 6. You'll appreciate that it looks nice in any room, and your child will love having an obstacle lying around upon which they can balance, climb, slide or rest. Each of these activities supports an aspect of their growth and development, from boosting creativity and confidence to refining gross motor skills and balance. 

BUY: Lily and River's Little Surfer Balance Toy, $129.95

The Floor is Lava Game


Your kids will love this board game where THEY are the moving pieces! The goal is to successfully hop from foam game space to foam game space, according to the spinner, without slipping off and touching the floor. It's a cleverly organized version of a classic playground game that easily transfers from the indoors to the outdoors. Your kids will be having tons of fun all while learning game strategy and building coordination, strength and endurance through imaginative play.  

BUY: The Floor is Lava Game, $19.95

Hopper Ball for Kids


Support stimulating physical play with this handled exercise ball for kids! The extra-thick material and grip increases the durability and safety of the Hopper Ball. Not to mention, it easily inflates using a handheld pump in just minutes. Blending play and exercise, this gift supports good physical health and early childhood development of skills like coordination and balance. 

BUY: Hopper Ball for Kids, $19.99

Gonge River Stone Set


Bring all the challenges and none of the risk of river crossings indoors with this great gift! Gonge River Stones are designed for early development of gross motor skills and balance. The three large stones and three small stones feature vibrant colors, different angles and a rubber grip on the bottom to keep them from slipping. Designed for children to walk from stone to stone without touching the floor, there are tons of imaginative ways your kids can use the river stones in active indoor (or outdoor) obstacle play. 

BUY: Gonge River Stone Set, $64.09

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