The Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids

You've checked off the major stuff and are feeling ready to kick up your feet, relax and wait for the time to open gifts when it hits you—the stocking!

It's easy to forget, but it's often one of the most fun things for kids to open. It's full of all the little extras that they didn't ask for (the real surprises!) but that you know they'll love and enjoy! 

When it comes to our list, we were thinking whimsy, function and each item had to be under $50. From watches, sunglasses and socks, to playful indoor knick-knacks like puzzles and sticker books, you're sure to find something here to help you fill that stocking just in time for the holiday!


Sarah's Silks Silk Streamers


There's nothing more magical than a wand, except maybe a wand with 9 feet of colorful silk ribbon! Praised for the vibrance of the silk colors and the quality of the product, Sarah's Silks Silk Streamers are promised to add color and creativity to indoor and outdoor movement activities. The wonder of this wand will no doubt add to your child's imaginative play, whether they're dancing, running or writing letters in the air!

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KiwiCo Bubble Machine


If your child is one to inquire, innovate, design and build, this is the gift for them! This kit provides all the parts and easy-to-follow directions needed to build, test and enjoy their very own bubble machine. Each KiwiCo box is inspired by STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) with unique learning challenges and activities for all ages. The bubble machine box is recommended for ages 9 to 11, but shop by age for more!

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Flik Flak Hodinkee Summer Edition


Flik Flak watches by Swatch boast a variety of patterns and colors that will please any young one in need of a watch. The face is designed to be easy to read and aid in learning to tell time with bright, contrasting colors and small seconds markers beside the hour indices. They're durable, comfortable, water-resistant and just plain fun!

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Jumbo Memory Game


The irresistible, classic card game for kids is taken to a new level of cute and fun with these jumbo-sized (9.5 square inch) woodland creature tiles. Complete with 24 matching cards, this game set will provide endless matching and stacking fun for you and your kids! Lay them out on the living room floor or at a picnic in the grass—no matter if they're indoors or outdoors, this game will keep kids moving, thinking and smiling with each cute animal match! 

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Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk Set


Whether they're bringing your driveway to life with their 2D illustrations, practicing writing their name, numbers and letters, or setting up their own obstacle course with hop-scotch challenges, every kid can find a use for sidewalk chalk. This unicorn chalk is layered with rainbow colors and gold, and the easy-to-hold design and whimsical nature is sure to make this chalk set a hit!

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Reusable Cardboard Creation Stickers


Every empty cardboard box is bursting with possibility, and there are quite likely plenty of them lying around your house this holiday season! With this sticker set your child will have the ability to turn any old box into a car (or spaceship!). It's a thoughtful way to put their imagination to work for playful fun in a way that also embraces reducing, reusing and recycling!

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Smartphone Movie Maker Book


Does your young one aspire to see their stories played out on the silver screen? This creative and thoughtfully constructed playbook is a great way to capture their interest and further their skills in directing and producing movies right from their own handheld device. Tips and tricks to add special effects, advice on building a storyline and a fun way to premiere their first masterpiece are all included in this fun-filled stocking stuffer!

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Bombas Socks Youth Snowflake Calf Gift Box


Bright, colorful, comfortable and warm, these special edition holiday socks are the perfect stocking stuffer for any active kid! The honeycomb design offers snug support, and the seamless toe and y-stitched heel provide durability and comfort. Plus, it's a gift that gives back—for every one purchased, another is donated. 

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