Tips for Late Summer Camp Registration

Late Registration

Keeping track of school lunches, games, recitals and where your child needs to be is a lot to juggle, making it easy for some things to fall through the cracks. For some parents, summer camp registration is one of those things that sneaks up every year. Before you know it, there are only a few weeks until summer, and you still haven't found a camp for your child.

But being late to the summer camp game doesn't mean you are out of options. If you stay flexible and creative, there are still opportunities you can take advantage of. Here are some tips for late summer camp registration.

Ask About Waitlists and Cancelations

Just because a camp is full doesn't mean a spot won't open up. Many summer camps have waitlists and cancelation policies. Ask if your child can be put on a waitlist or if they can notify you of any cancelations. You'll still want to explore other options, but with a little bit of luck, a spot could open up for your child.

Consider a Day Camp

Most of the popular overnight camps fill up within the first few weeks' registration, but there still might be local day camps available that are close to home. If you stay flexible and don't limit your options to only sleep-away camps, you might be able to find an enjoyable day camp to send your kids for most of the day. Children can still get many of the benefits of going to camp without the overnight experience.

Use to Find Camps Near You

Trying to weed through all the options on your own takes time, and using a traditional search engine doesn't give you the option to find camps for a certain date. Using to find camps that are still open can really cut down on your search time. The search tool allows you to look for open camps near you, and lets you input dates, age range, and what kind of camp you're looking for. It 's a convenient one-stop shop to find a camp.

Try the Bookends of Summer

Camp dates in the first and last two weeks of summer tend to be the last to fill up. It may take some rearranging of your schedule, but if you're willing to send your kid off to camp sooner, or later than you originally planned, you still might be able to snag a spot at the camp you want.

Look for Local Programs

Many local activity centers and schools offer summer programs for kids. Some schools offer programs that allow children to train with older athletes in sports like football, volleyball or track. Many activity centers offer everything from music lessons to art classes. Checking with these places to see what they offer can give you a great summer camp alternative.

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