7 Ways to Help Your Daughter Get Into STEM

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Behind every great woman in history...were usually several people telling her she couldn't do it. While there are plenty of things about society in general that should change when it comes to gender equality, there's a lot we can do when raising our girls to better equip them for the world of today and tomorrow. We can start by teaching them that STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics—is just as important for girls to learn as it is for boys.

Check Your School

Most public and private schools offer STEM-focused learning and activities these days, but regardless, when you have the chance to talk to your children's educators, ask them about what they're doing to promote STEM learning in the classroom and beyond. Not only that but ask what you can do at home to further their efforts.

Explore Your World

All it takes is a little creativity to find access to STEM learning everywhere. Nature walks, museums and even shopping malls have plenty to learn from if you know where to look. Make learning active and fun!

Find a Local Chapter

Girls Who Code is a national organization with local chapters all over, so odds are there's one near you. If you think your child might be interested in how video games and computers work, look for an afterschool coding club or summer program to explore that interest.

Ask More Questions

Kids as young as two or three start asking questions, and by the time they're five the questions can seem unending. One way to regain your sanity? Turn the tables! Ask your kids all the questions you can think of. From silly to science-y, turn dinner into a game of Q&A, and bonus—you'll likely uncover new interests of theirs to explore in the process.

Read More

Girls getting into STEM need positive female role models to look up to. Thankfully, there are a lot of awesome books to help with that. "Girls Think Of Everything," "Women Who Dared" and "Herstory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook Up the World" are just a few.

Build a STEM Kit

Books are great for downtime, but when a girl wants to get dirty or get busy figuring things out, a hands-on science kit is the coolest thing to have on hand. Really, this kit can be as simple as a packet of seeds and some planting materials or include the rudimentary parts of a transistor. Make something amazing!

Let Them Be Bored

This is why downtime is good. Sometimes we overschedule and over-plan and tire kids out, leaving them without time to just sit and be. We hear parents say it all the time, but when your girls tell you they're bored, tell them to do something about it!

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