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Parents know that finding books that hook kids on reading is sometimes like striking gold. Finding stories at a child's reading level that hold their interest can be tricky. When the books are on a topic they love, kids will be more likely to engage with the stories and stick with reading. Sports books are great because they often have a ton of action but also tackle topics like handling disappointment, working hard, getting through adversity and teamwork. Here are 10 sports-themed books and series that young readers won't be able to put down.

The Racecar Alphabet by Brian Flaca
Young car aficionados will love this alphabet book that covers a century of cars with fast-paced alliteration and colorful illustrations.

Suitable for ages 4-7.

Sports Illustrated Kids Starting Line Series
Early reading books on topics that interest sports fans can be hard to find, but Sports Illustrated Kids has created an entire line of books for emerging readers on all kinds of sports.

Suitable for ages 4-6.

Little Shaq by Shaquille O'Neal
Your little baller will love this series about a fictionalized version of Shaq as a boy. There is plenty of basketball, but this series also includes problem-solving, friendship and the importance of trying new things.

Suitable for ages 5-8.

Sports Illustrated Kids Victory School Superstars
With nearly two dozen books in this series, it covers a good number of sports and has both female and male main characters. Your early reader will love the pictures, the action and the life lessons.

Suitable for ages 6-8.

Extreme Sports No Limits!
Take a walk on the wild side with this collection of books about extreme sports. They cover everything from skateboarding to skysurfing and share profiles of over 20 different sports and their history.

Suitable for ages 6-12.

Comeback Kids Series by Mike Lupica
New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica is known for weaving tales that center around sports but ultimately teach lessons about friendship, tenacity and what it means to be a good teammate. Late elementary school and middle school kids will love these books about baseball, basketball and football.

Suitable for ages 10-14.

Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories Series
The young lady in your life will see herself in this series about female athletes.

Suitable for ages 8-11.

Steph Curry: The Boy Who Never Gave Up by Anthony Curcio
Told he was too short to play basketball in high school, too weak to play in college and not good enough to play in the NBA, Stephan Curry beat all odds to become one of the greatest players in the game. This inspiring biography is full of illustrations and perfect for young readers.

Suitable for ages 5-10.

Baseball Card Adventures by Dan Gutman
Pick a famous baseball player and there is a good chance Dan Gutman has written a book about him in this 12-book series that mixes biography with time travel and adventure. In short, a boy who lives for baseball comes across magic baseball cards that transport him back to the time of the player on the card.

Suitable for ages 8-12.

Throw Like a Girl: How to Dream Big & Believe in Yourself by Jennie Finch and Ann Killion
Jennie Finch, one America's most popular athletes, is a former Collegiate Softball Player of the Year and a two-time Olympian. Her message to young girls is this: Believe in yourself. Society sends girls mixed messages, but the evidence showing the numerous positive impacts of sports on girls is clear.

This book is great for anyone, male or female, ages 10 and up.

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