Geocaching: A Unique Camping Adventure

Geocaching in Woods

Geocaching became popular as an interactive outdoor hobby just over 10 years ago. Today, there are an estimated 1.3 million caches worldwide. Take a break from the usual afternoon hike, and try geocaching on your next camping trip.

Seekers participate in an outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS-enabled device. By following a specified set of coordinates, they're led to hidden containers called caches. There are a variety of reasons why this simple game is the perfect adventure for your next camping trip:

  • It's a family activity that involves kids and adults.
  • It encourages outdoor activity.
  • It teaches map reading skills.
  • It's cost effective (in fact, nearly free).
  • It can be done anywhere in the world.
  • It helps you discover new people, places and things.

How Does It Work? 
Use the GPS coordinates of your current location to search geocaches at or through the app. The GPS guides you to the cache, a sealed container, where treasure and a logbook are hidden. It's customary to sign and date the logbook, choose a treasure and replace it with a new trinket before returning the cache to its spot.

Who Can Geocache? 
Geocaching is suited to all ages and abilities, but it's a particularly great activity for families. Most campgrounds are located near a mountain or woods, so it's easy to find a geocache nearby.

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