Geocaching: A Unique Camping Adventure

Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Geocache
Your next geocaching adventure is just a few simple steps away.

1. Sign Up 
Sign up for a free account at the website. If you're already on-the-go, download the app to get started. A free version is available to try before you buy.

2. Gear Up
There are only a few simple tools you need for successful geocaching, and you probably already have them in your possession.

  • The main and most important tool is a GPS device or a GPS-enabled phone.
  • Choose a few small items to use as trades for your found treasure. This is an eco-friendly way to recycle small toys and other trinkets you have around the house.
  • Bring your log. Some players use paper logs to keep track of their finds, so a pencil and notebook are needed. Paperless copies of caches can also be recorded in your geocaching account online.

3. Find an Adventure 
First, book your campsite so you can find a geocache nearby. After logging your coordinates into the site or the app, you find cache size, level of difficulty and an explanation of terrain. All of these details will help you have a fun and successful hunt.

4. Dress the Part 
If you want to be a serious geocacher, wear camouflage from head to toe to ward off any muggles (non-geocachers) who might spot you on your hunt. And, camouflage or not, there are other wardrobe choices to keep in mind. Specifically, always wear sturdy shoes and long pants for safe hiking through the woods. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen or other sun protection, even if you don't think you'll be out for long.

Get active, have fun and bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes on your next geocaching adventure. 

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