Upper Body Stroller Workout

Cool Down (3 minutes) - Your walk should become more gradual now. Bring heart rate down so you can safely go down on the ground for abs.

Core Section - Because 80 percent of new moms complain about back pain and virtually all complain about the shape of their tummies, we put together a series of core exercises that should keep your back in good health, and start to shape and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

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Back Extension (1 minute) - Start with feet on either side of front tire (you are facing your baby). Legs are bent and you are sitting on your sits bones. Sit up nice and tall with a very erect spine. Hands can cross in front of your chest. Very slowly, lean back a few inches. Go only as low as you can control. Use back low back muscles (erector spinae) to lean back and then use abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) to return back up.

Basic Crunch (1 minute) - Start basic crunch with feet resting on baby's foot rest or on either side of tire. Legs are bent and torso is on ground. Let head rest lightly in your finger tips. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Focus on bringing ribs to hips rather then the height. Keep space between chin and chest as if you had an orange there.

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Side Crunch (1 minutes) - This one is for your waste line (your obliques). Instead of bringing your crunch straight ahead, angle it side to side. Focus on bringing your shoulder towards your opposite knee. Remember, it's not about how high you go, it's about how you get there. Your abdominal muscles should be the only muscles creating the movement.

Reverse Curl (1 minutes) - Turn around so that your head is at the base of the tire and resting on ground. Hold on to the foot rest or the tire behind you. Bring legs up at a right angle off the ground. Using the lowest part of your abdominal muscles, focus on bringing your legs in towards you, with hips off the ground and then releasing legs towards the ground. The range of motion may be very small. The most important part of this exercise is to keep your low back pressed into the ground on the release. Keeping your legs tucked in tight will be your easiest level and extending your legs straighter will make it harder.

Stretch (3 minutes) -  Take time to stretch all body parts we worked today. This is a great time to pull baby out of stroller and stretch beside her and with her.

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Now, you have finished your workout that is complete with strength, cardiovascular and flexibility. Plus, you've spent quality time with your baby. You are not only doing something good for you, but you are becoming a healthy role model for your child.


  • Safety is number one. Always be careful of cars and the environment when working out with your baby.
  • Always keep stroller a hand's reach away from you if you're working out besides your stroller.
  • We recommend that you wait at least six weeks before starting this or any other kind of workout. Make sure to get doctor's clearance before starting any exercise program.

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