How to Get Your Children Outdoors

My children had the opportunity to see fruits and vegetables ripen and when left too long they rot. They looked forward to cooking and eating the "fruits" of their labor.

A flower garden is another fantastic way to have them active and engaged in a productive activity.

Flower gardens can be created to attract wildlife. Create a butterfly garden and observe all the different butterflies. Talk about pollination and plant flowers that attract bees. For more tips, visit the National Wildlife Federation's website.

Take Photographs

A great way to inspire your kids is by taking photographs of your activities. Let them capture things that interest them. It's a wonderful way to let them be creative and see things from their perspective. Get  close ups of bugs, plants and their candid moments. Create educational and memorable memories.

Find a way to get away from the TV, computer, and the phone by enjoying the outdoors with your family.

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