10 Ways to Incorporate the KonMari Philosophy Into Your Daily Routine

These days, it seems like everyone is taking a page out of Marie Kondo's books and doing all they can to tidy up, simplify, increase joy and decrease clutter. But when tidying up your entire home feels like an overwhelming task, start with the following 10 ways to incorporate the KonMari philosophy into your daily routine. Here's what a typical day might look like with just a bit more KonMari thrown in.

6 a.m.: Hello World

Upon waking, practice a short meditation or stretch while you set an intention for the day. This can be one word, like "patience," or a goal, like "eat clean today." Recognize that your body takes a few minutes to get going in the morning, but don't allow yourself to drag too long. Get moving! 

7 a.m.: Joy

Picture your ideal morning drink: Whether it's a simple cup of coffee or tea, a smoothie or celery juice, enjoy every sip; give yourself five minutes to taste and appreciate.

8 a.m.: Thankfulness

On your way out the door, take a few seconds to thank your home for providing you shelter.

9 a.m.: Tidy

Whether your desk is in an office, your kitchen, a coffee shop or on the road, start the day with it tidy. Organize your inbox and/or workspace for a cleaner look and a feeling of accomplishment first thing. It's amazing how much you can get done without the clutter.

12 p.m.: Fresh Air

Use your lunch break to take a walk or open a window to allow fresh air inside. Take a few seconds just to breathe and appreciate the natural world around you.

5 p.m.: Joy

Take time to play. Put your phone away and get on the floor with your kids. Join them in their play, and practice make believe. 

6 p.m.: Return

As you come home, finish dinner, change clothes and put away toys; make sure you place everything back in its designated space. Have kids empty their backpacks after school and return them neatly, ready for the next day. 

7 p.m.: Communication

Don't wait for birthdays and Thanksgiving to tell your family you appreciate them and why. Everyone brings unique skills, emotions, happiness and wonder to the table. Give them credit and make everyone feel appreciated.

8 p.m.: Tidy 2.0

Choose a small tidying task and complete it. Folding laundry, organizing a drawer or cleaning an area of your home that needs attention will take just a few minutes of your time but can have a huge effect and is one fewer thing you have on your plate tomorrow.

9 p.m.: Appreciate

Before bed, thank your clothing and your home for keeping you warm, safe and giving you shelter. Thank your spouse and your kids with both words and actions. Slow down and appreciate the close of another day.

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