13 Stress Relief Tips for Kids

Kids may not have to worry about work, bills or what to cook for dinner, but that doesn't mean they don't face stress every day. Maybe your son gets butterflies before a class presentation, or maybe your daughter feels a little sick before every soccer game.

Every child is different, and so are their triggers and reactions to stress. It could make them sweat or fidget, or cause their hearts to pound. They may become distracted or even feel nauseous or dizzy. It's helpful for kids—and their parents, too—to know some active ways to deal with everyday stress.

The next time your child is struggling, have them try some of these stress-reducing activities.

If your child's stress is turning into chronic anxiety or is impacting their sleep, schoolwork, health or happiness, talk to your pediatrician or find a therapist who works with kids. These professionals can help you and your child learn how to better manage anxiety.

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