15 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

  • Do Zumba or another workout plan together every day.
  • Have your child meet you at the park after work each day for a few rounds of basketball.
  • Get a pass to the local public swimming pool. Encourage your children to head up to the pool by mid-morning to avoid the heat and the crowds.

More Ideas

  • Have your child write a story over the summer months.
  • Host a sprinkler party with the neighborhood kids.
  • Work with a neighborhood organization or nursing home to do service work together as a family. Community service is a great way to keep your child active while also learning valuable lessons in philanthropy and humility. 
  • Encourage your teens to get a part-time summer job or volunteer at the library, rec center or church. They will learn time management and financial responsibility.
  • Do a home improvement project together. You and your kids can paint a bedroom wall, repurpose old furniture or plant a garden.
  • Take a cooking class together. Some are designed for children as young as 10.
  • Tour the area museums. Forbes.com featured the top 12 best children's museums in the U.S. Plan a day trip (or longer) to some of them this summer. Most museums offer a free admission time, such as Wednesday nights or the first Friday of every month.

The best thing you can do for your kids this summer is spend time with them. The bonding, activities and relaxation will be good for them, and for you.

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