7 Science-Themed YouTube Channels for Kids

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Science doesn't have to be messy or complicated. At its heart it's about asking questions and seeking answers through research and experimentation, and kids are naturals at this! When it comes to inspiring them in science, it really comes down to encouraging them to keep asking why, and thinking about ways to solve real world problems. 

YouTube is here to help with this!

From experiments and mind-blowing demonstrations, to facts and research presented in a kid-friendly manner, there's an endless supply of YouTube channels to inspire your young scientist or engineer. They can learn the answers to kid-asked questions with Mystery Doug, or explore the engineering and design process with kids their own age (or even a former NASA engineer). 

Whether you already have a grown, self-claimed science lover, or simply a young one just getting started with experiments, YouTube is sure to have a channel to help you spark their interest. Check out some of our favorites for a wide range of ages below.

While the experiments on some of these channels can be easily replicated at home, not all of them can. We encourage emphasizing safety procedures alongside any science experiment with your child, as well as screening channels prior to sharing with your kids.   

SciShow Kids 

Fast-paced and informational, SciShow Kids is a great channel for elementary learners! Jessi and Squeaks (a robot mouse) dive in deeper to help kids learn new facts about everything from wacky animals to crazy inventions. You'll find yourself listening in and learning, too—did you know Caribou have hollow hair to trap heat? Get more fun facts and experiment ideas here with SciShow Kids. 

Mystery Doug 

Mystery Doug is the creator of Mystery Science, a curriculum used in many K-12 classrooms. On his YouTube channel he puts out a video each week about a question that was submitted and voted on by kids: "Are mermaids real?" or "How can you tell if a plant is poisonous?" Mystery Doug puts together clear, engaging audio and visuals to answer the questions our kids ask that we don't always know how to answer. Click here to tune in with Mystery Doug today to encourage your young one's curiosity!

Science Max 

Phil on Science Max takes simple, everyday experiments and designs and maximizes them—as he calls them, "experiments at large!" These fun experiments include making a large hot air balloon out of not just one plastic bag, but many, and launching model rockets of human height. Your kids will love the outrageous approaches and outcomes. Videos range from full 20-minute episodes to quick five-minute videos. Click here to watch some BIG experiments on Science Max. 

Science Bob 

From learning how to make slime and fun experiments with sound using simple household materials, to larger scale demonstrations that will wow you and your kids, Science Bob's YouTube channel is a great resource for quick and easy science videos for kids. Just be warned: You're likely going to have to go out and get what you need to try some of his experiments at home. But don't worry, many of them are quite simple, and his how-to directions are easy to follow and replicate. Click here to start experimenting with Science Bob!

Mark Rober 

As a former NASA and Apple engineer, Mark Rober doesn't just know science, he loves it—so much so that it's contagious! From building a giant super-soaker to a dart board set that only hits bullseye, Rober breaks down the engineering and design process, as well as the science behind each activity. This is really a channel the whole family would enjoy (especially your bigger kids), and you may find that it inspires them to get to work on some of their own ideas and inventions. Click here to see what Rober is working on next!

Design Squad Global 

A PBS KIDS YouTube channel, Design Squad Global works to inspire middle school kids to solve real world problems. From water-saving toilets and garbage sorters, to fashion sun shields and ways to dry your wet shoes, this channel highlights kid-designed solutions to the issues that are important to them. It's a great way to help kids see that engineering and innovation are within their reach, as well as inspire them to pick a problem and get busy designing solutions for themselves. Click here to get your middle schooler thinking with Design Squad Global today!

The Backyard Scientist 

The Backyard Scientist YouTube channel is a great way to get your bigger kids excited about some explosive science from a safe distance! These videos all come with the disclaimer: DO NOT TRY AT HOME! From a potato cannon-powered glider to blowing fire rings underwater, this channel is sure to shock, amaze and teach about the science, engineering and design process. Click here to watch wild experiments with The Backyard Scientist.

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