Genius Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer


Keeping kids busy during summer break means you might need to step out of the box and change up your everyday routine. From backyard hacks to learning new things, summer is a great time to be creative, check things off the family bucket list and¬¬--most importantly--go with the flow! 

Get Cooking
From pancakes for breakfast to pizza for dinner and everything in between, summer is a great time to teach kids how to help out in the kitchen. Start with simple treats like popsicles or smoothies and work your way up to more involved meals.

Choose Your Own Adventure
Present your kids with two choices each day. Park or museum? Movie or picnic? Let them help plan the day so they feel a sense of ownership in the adventure. Plus, they'll be more excited about the day! 

Be Messy
Allow yourself to let go and just be messy with your kids because honestly, it's usually more fun that way. Finger paints, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and even shaving cream--take it outside and have a blast!

Find Your Zen
Summer is a great time to practice meditation or yoga. See how a bit of stretching, a few sun salutations or just some simple breathing exercises change the way you and your kids feel.

Go on Assignment
Write a summer bucket list, and try to tackle one activity each day or week. Perhaps it's trying new foods, exploring a part of town or volunteering with a local charity. The challenge will get you moving and help you make memories!

Learn New Tricks
Sign yourself up for a class with your kids where everyone can learn something new. Art, creative writing, photography--the possibilities are endless. Your local public library or recreation center are both great places to start.

Become Happy Campers
Look for a day camp in your area that appeals to your kids' unique interests. Nowadays, day camps range from sports to drama to art, so there truly is something for everyone. 

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