How This Kid Triathlete Fits in Homework, Training—and Feeding the Homeless

What’s the best part of running a nonprofit?
“The best part is being able to help people and getting to see [the effects of] what we’ve done. It’s a heart-filling experience to be able to volunteer and I love that.”

Kenan Pala

How do you fit in school, training and competing in triathlons, running Kids 4 Community and spending time with family?
“Before I go to school, I do a 2- or 3-mile run in the morning. After school, I usually work out for an hour to an hour and a half. At lunch, I work on my homework, and I also do my homework ahead of time on the weekends, so that when I come home from school I only have a few minutes of homework left. The rest of my day, until dinner, I work on the nonprofit. I have it all planned out.” 

Any advice for kids who want to do triathlons?
“Be aware that it’s going to be hard, and start small. Progressively build up your ability, and be aware of the challenges that will come. It’s a really intense sport–three sports in one!”

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Any advice for kids who want to get involved in community service or start a nonprofit?
“Do a little research and find something you are really passionate about. Once you have the passion, the work follows. Being able to find their passion and have parental support, that’s really what will help kids succeed.”

A Few of Kenan’s Favorite Things:
Color: Orange
Movie: The Patriot
Breakfast: Protein Smoothie
Hobby (that is not a sport): Guitar
Book: Lord of the Rings
Vacation Spot: Kauai, Hawaii 

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