How to Make Travel Easier for Your Next Team Event

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As young athletes start to advance their skills, their teams begin traveling farther and wider for major tournaments and events. Seeing your child's team compete is exciting, but travel planning can be complicated and expensive. Tournament directors―often parents of young athletes themselves―try to keep travel logistics simple, but the outcome doesn't always satisfy everyone.

Many team events utilize stay-to-play―an accommodation system that requires tournament participants to book with particular hotels in order to register for their sporting event. Tournament organizers reserve blocks of hotel rooms for their participants and negotiate a rebate with the hotels, which helps cover other costs for the event. However, the stay-to-play system can leave parents, coaches and players feeling trapped ― they want to participate in the event, but would prefer to find their own affordable lodging deals.

A new team booking system from Lucid Travel solves many of the pain points created by stay-to-play. It's mutually beneficial for parents and tournament directors, and helps create a better tournament experience for everyone! Here are three ways Lucid can make travel easier for your next team event.

It Gives Participants Booking Freedom

While stay-to-play can make tournament lodging feel restrained, Lucid gives participants the freedom to choose any hotel they want. Travelers can browse options based on favorable terms, like free cancellation, to find the best accommodations for their families. Plus, users can take advantage of Lucid's exclusive discounts and enjoy 10 to 50 percent off standard rates. The entire booking process can be completed in just three clicks, giving you more time to pack and prepare for a great tournament weekend. If you have any questions, the Lucid team is ready to help―customer service is its top priority, and it'll work to ensure you have a positive travel experience.

It's Easier for Tournament Directors to Manage

Parents aren't the only ones who benefit from Lucid's team booking―tournament organizers benefit, too. Give your event participants the options they crave while still earning the revenue you need. With Lucid, you can add rebates ($3 to $10 per room) that are paid to you automatically each month. Plus, Lucid has exclusive, non-public discounts that offer 10 to 50 percent off standard rates. Offer hotel discounts to your participants without stressing over room blocks or communicating with travel agents. Lucid helps you save time and manage your team booking with ease. You'll get notified via email every time a reservation is made, and you can log into your Lucid account to view all reservations in one place. This makes managing compliance with stay-to-play policies simple.

It Keeps the Focus on the Athletes

With Lucid, you can skip the stress of travel planning and focus on supporting your young athletes. You'll need extra time to pack uniforms, talk strategy or decorate the car windows with team mantras. Don't forget any pre-tournament rituals or lucky charms!

Jay, the owner of Big Time Hoops, knows the benefits of Lucid's team booking firsthand. He hosts more than 20 large basketball tournaments each year. Prior to finding Lucid Travel, Jay tried setting up room blocks himself, delegating it to other team members, and even hiring a traditional travel agency. The process took up too much time, and his participants were not always happy with hotels or rates.

With Lucid, Jay simply shares his custom booking link ( for each tournament; his participants pick any hotel they'd like and get discounts not available anywhere else. Big Time Hoops still earns the money needed to run and grow the business, and the tournament participants get to enjoy their self-selected accommodations.

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