Social Media Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

Too often, parents who are misinformed about the social web (willfully or otherwise) will shut their kids out of it completely, only to find they are logging in anyway. If you're not taking an active role in your child's online life, you may be missing important opportunities to ensure they are on the path toward "digital citizenship," and protected from inappropriate content and people. With cyber-bullying on the rise, it's important to know the signs and prepare your child for what could happen on social media.

For kids, social media can no longer be dismissed as a time-waster or distraction. The networks your kids use to communicate with their friends and share videos will eventually become their core business tools and career prerequisites. If your kids don’t learn to use them, they will likely face a massive disadvantage when they enter the workforce.

So how do you ensure they’re prepared to make intelligent choices online? These simple tips are a good place to start.

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