The Best Holiday Gifts for Kids Over 10

Whether your pre-teen or teenager has given you a list of items they just can't live without, or left you up to your own devices to surprise them this holiday season, this list is sure to help!

Capturing their attention at this age and finding a gift with enough wow-factor can feel like an uphill climb in the dark, but don't stress! From on-the-go items like the Penny Australia Skateboard and the Top Flite Golf Set, to a new project like the Strawbees Coding and Robotics Kit and the Galileoscope, this list is sure to hold a gift that will rise to the challenge of capturing your big kid's imagination and heart this holiday season. 


Penny Australia High Vibe 27" Skateboard


Whether for tricks, transportation or both, your pre-teen or teenager will love a brand-new Penny board! Available in a wide array of bright colors and designs, the bright yellow waffle non-slip deck, light blue trucks and orange wheels of the High Vibe design, inspired by California surf culture, is a favorite! Each Penny Board is available in a variety of lengths, but the 27" board is recommended for beginners looking for a little more stability while still maintaining a compact size for kids that's easy to carry and store when not on the move. 

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Bern Winter Bandito Helmet


If your kid is going to hit the streets on a new set of wheels, you might as well pair it with a brand-new helmet! The Bern Bandito Helmet is the ideal size for youth who have out-grown their kids helmet and not quite grown into an adult-size one. The winter model has a snap-in liner to help keep warm—great for use on the mountain snowboarding or skiing. For an added $14.99 you can prepare the helmet to transition easily between the winter and summer months with a lighter liner. 

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Puro Sound Labs Volume Limited Bluetooth Headphones


Available in a variety of cool colors, the Puro Sound Labs Volume Limited Bluetooth Headphones are the perfect gift to help your child enjoy music at a safe listening level. Limited to an 85-decibel volume, the Puro Headphones prevent unwanted hearing damage and they boast an 83% ambient noise cancelling ability to make for easier listening without having to turn up the volume. The headphones pair with compatible devices and have up to 20 hours of battery life for hassle-free listening.

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Strawbees Coding and Robotics Kit


This robotics kit was the Kids Judge BETT Award winner of 2020! Complete with an activity booklet and access to online resources for coding, this set of connectors, sensors and motors will allow your young inventor to bring to life robots, animals, inanimate objects or tools—essentially whatever they create! All they'll have to do is build, plug it into the computer with the USB cable, code and upload. The Strawbees coding app works offline on Windows and MacOS, as well as from the browser on Chromebooks. With three different ways to program (flow, block, and C++), this is an intuitive gift to help them learn and hone their coding skills!

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Ninjaline Ninja Vines and Rings Obstacle Course Kit


This hanging obstacle course is an easy way to build strength and enjoy the outdoors. All you'll need in addition to the kit is some time to set it up and two healthy trees to suspend it between. The kit comes with two vines, two gymnastics rings and two monkey bars to suspend with the grip clips on the main slackline. The course is adjustable, allowing for an increased challenge as their ability grows. It's the must-have gift for any aspiring Ninja Warrior!

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Galileoscope Refractor Telescope


Originally produced in 2009 (the International Year of Astronomy), the Galileoscope Refractor Telescope was built to provide a high-quality, low cost telescope to help inspire young astronomers. Now, it is back! This product provides easy-to-follow directions and all the necessary parts to build a Galileoscope (just like that of the early scientist, Galileo). It's an engaging way to learn about optics and explore the lunar surface, Jupiter's moons, Saturn's rings and bright star clusters through a lens. 

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Pingpongly Retractable Table Tennis Net - Adjustable Length


Who said you need an entire ping pong table to enjoy a game of table tennis? With Pingpongly's retractable table tennis net you can set up and play anywhere! Purchase the next with a full set of paddles for $69.99, or buy just the net for $29.99. It works on a picnic table, dining table, patio table—you name it—as long as the table is no greater than two inches thick or 72 inches wide, Pingpongly's retractable table tennis net will fit!

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