The Best Holiday Gifts for Kids Under 10

With imagination, creativity and all the reliable durability you would look for in a product for your active kid in mind, we carefully cultivated this list of gift ideas to help inspire your little one this holiday season!

We included a dino sleeping bag and moon lamp for sweet dreaming, a guitar and telescope to learn something new, a fort and art kit to build and create, mini-golf and garden tools for outdoor play—the list goes on! 

Filled with the wonder of the holiday season, this list will help you find something your little one will love and enjoy well beyond the holiday season. 


Shaped Dino Sleeping Bag


This dino sleeping bag is an easy way to make campouts, sleep overs or even regular bed time cozy and fun! (Who says you can't sleep in a sleeping bag in your own bed?) The polyester microfiber is soft and machine washable, and a sewn-on handle makes for easy storage when it's not in use. It's also available in a really cute unicorn shape, and can be personalized with an embroidered name. 

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Loog Mini Guitar


This three-stringed guitar is the perfect first guitar for a little one! The strings are tuned the same as the first three strings on a full-size guitar, so the skills they learn on their Loog Mini Guitar will easily transfer to the full-size instrument when they're ready. The mini guitar comes complete with an application that allows even the earliest musicians to play songs (not just scales) on day one! A great gift to cultivate a love of music, confidence in early musicianship and fine-motor skills. 

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Party Hurray Children's Golf Set


Indoor or outdoor, this golf set will bring hours of play and fun for any active kid! From bugs and flowers to turtles and toads, the creature obstacles bring mini-golf elements right to your own backyard. Mini golf helps hone hand-eye coordination skills, and the movable set will provide new and different challenges each time you set up to play. 

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Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Craft Kit


Kid Made Modern products are carefully crafted to engage and embrace a child's imagination and creative expression. This kit includes a wooden rocket, UFO and spaceship, as well as all the stickers and paint needed to decorate the exterior of these space crafts for flight! Get ready for some out-of-this-world designs with this art pack. 

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Grow With Me Adjustable Garden Tools Set and Children's Wheelbarrow


If your child is one to get their hands dirty in the sandbox or yard, then this is the gift for them! These telescoping tools will adjust to match your child's growth spurts, all the while providing them with durable, reliable and well-built tools to help in the garden. Complete with a wheelbarrow, metal hoe, leaf rake, shovel and soil rake, this set is sure to give your child that much more ownership over the hard work that helps a garden grow! 

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Gonge Riverstones


Bring all the challenges and none of the risk of river crossings indoors with this unique gift! Gonge Riverstones are designed for early development of gross motor skills and balance. The three large stones and three small stones feature vibrant colors, different angles and a rubber grip on the bottom to keep them from slipping. Along with the stones, you'll receive a game guide to add to your child's own imaginative ways to use the river stones in active indoor (or outdoor) obstacle play. 

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KiwiCo Koala Crate Ultimate (8 Pack)


If you haven't heard of KiwiCo, now is the time to check it out! KiwiCo's Koala Crate Ultimate offers a look into the wide array of activities you would get with a gift-box subscription. In the Koala Crate Ultimate, you'll receive eight projects all at once that range from rainforest and ocean creature challenges and creations to that of city-scape structures and the wild west! Each KiwiCo box is inspired by STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) with unique challenges for all ages. Koala Crate is recommended for ages 2 to 4, but shop by age for more!

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